And on the dusty road, I begged
I beg for the mercy of the passerby
As he walked across the street
I asked him
Oh, dear sir, spare me your mercy
He looked at me
With disgust
Loathe expressed through his eyes
His sight pierced through my soul
He said nothing
Yet when I touched him
He shrugged me off
And though he saw me suffering
He said
Go away from me
He withdrew as I drew nearer
Away from me!
He repeated
I retreated
I begged again
And again
And again when I saw people
People that are similar
Yet so different
Same kind
Same properties in the body
Same kind of species
Same - I have needs
So do they
Yet I am still worthless
I asked why?
Even as I begged each day
Why am I worthless?
Who had defined me as worthless?
Do they? Do I?
I stood up
I walked through the people I see everyday
I waked pass them
They stared at me
Eyes wide open
Not believing what they have just seen
This man,
That man? That is the same man that was on the street?
Each day begging for mercy? For money?
Is it him?
They wonder.
I never left.
But I did for the first time
No, I'm not letting them define me
I'm going to be different.
As they always say
I will be the change
I will be different.
So what?
So what if I was living on the streets
So what?
I'm standing now.
Standing proud.
Standing on solid ground.
And I will soar high
One day..
One day, I will as you wait.
You wait.
And I wait.
For that moment.
Of time.
Once in a life time.