First three month of 2011 is about to end, how time flies. And I'm gonna start college in 4 days! Amazing how time flies seriously.

So what did I do in this three months? Having a hard time to flash back really, vague memories. Probably spend too much time at home XD. Let's see. Event sequence might not be in order.

1) Celebrated New Year 2011 in Korea, the best trip ever in my life, so far. XD I know I still haven't blog about it yeah but I'll do it some time later. Was blessed by Hoong Fong with RM100 from MCD (link). Thanks! :)

2) Oh yes, also went out to have steamboat with some of the classmates. How can I forget that? Good times together but was soooo short.

3) Started undang and stuffs like that, leading to getting my license earlier this month. But I haven't touch the steering ever since I passed for now. Hehehehehe.

4) Celebrated Chinese New Year, no one came to my house this time, kinda sad because my family did most of the visitings this year. So went to many people's house. Ended up getting heavier a few kilo(s) because we have to finish the cookies and stuffs by ourselves. XD Angpow collection was alright.

5) Collected my free CD for Ruhwey - Brian Joo - from Sony Music Malaysia.

6) Won RM88 gift certificate from 7-Eleven and I've yet to collect it.

7) Celebrated Aki's birthday few days ago, will blog about it soon if I have the time.

8) And just yesterday, probably the highlight of the whole 3 months. The agonizing period of waiting for SPM result is finally over. The verdict? 5a's 2b's 3c's. It's amazing I've actually got more C's than B's. XDD Anyway, people wanna know the full details. I might as well just write it here...

BM - A+
English - A
Moral - A
Sejarah - A
Maths - A
Add Maths - C+
Physics - B+
Chemistry - C
Biology - B
BK - C+

When I got the results, I took a look overall results, didn't even count the amount of A's I've gotten, and when I look at BK, my heart was crushed. Filled with disappointed right away, and really couldn't control my emotions. Cried. I took up BK - Bible Knowledge as a challenge to make a difference when almost, if I can say, 80% of Christian students decided not to take BK because it's always hard to score and all sort of reasons/excuses. I took up BK not because I want another A in my results just for the sake of scholarship and being competitive with others because I've got an extra A, but because I want to encourage others that BK is hard, but you can score, and you should take it up as a challenge for yourself and to testify to others. But...look's like I can't say that now..

I am, really disappointed with my BK results. I was aiming for an A, hoping to make Ms Moey proud and I'll also take pride that I can testify to others. But no, I didn't... Am I saddened because I didn't get an A? Definitely, but not because I want another A in my slip to make it look nice, but because I really want to score well in BK. Even a B+ will make me happy. But C+, is just unacceptable for me...But I got some encouragement along the way. Thanks people =)

And though I may not have got the result I want for BK in SPM, I never regret taking up this subject. I've learnt a lot from Ms Moey and still proud to be a student that dares to take up the challenge to sit for this subject in SPM.

As for the other subjects, I'm pretty contented. Already expected to get those results based on my own evaluation from trial and the exam itself, I already know. Surprisingly, I actually scored an A+ for BM eh? And not English. Hahahaha, I need to brush up on my English :)

Thank God, that I improved in Physics, from fail to B+. Thank God, I was able to get C+ in Add Maths, though I know the gradings are just alphabets which bears no meaning for this subject as I know, I'm an F in Add Maths. The graph is just very very low, and I know that :) Thank God, I got C in Chemistry even though I didn't go for tuition, it's my worst subject and the subject I hate most. Thank God, I got B for Biology, never go to tuition either hahaha. That was totally unexpected.

All in all, I think I deserved this result based on my effort hahahha. But whatever it is, it's over now.. But just a thought here. Somehow, I feel I'm expected to get straight a's from the replies and questions I get from people. Because I was a straight a's student for UPSR and PMR. And people don't believe me when I tell them I'm just an average student in form 4 and form 5. I had failed a couple of papers throughout some of the exams. They don't believe me. Why is that...? I'm not the kind of person who have false humility. If I'm good at something I'd say I'm good at it, if not I'll say no.

Sometimes, expectations makes me feel like a failure because I never lived up to the expectation. I have dozens of friends who excelled in SPM, glad for them but am I envious? Sure will, human nature, of course I wished I had that same kind of results too, but I'm really genuinely glad for them.

High school and SPM is a phase of life I've gone through now, and it's the end of the chapter already for that phase. A new journey is beginning...