(pssttt: that is not me, if you think it is O_O)
Aki's birthday last Tuesday, just one day before SPM results was out. I made myself available for her XD. 22/3 She helped us booked a place in Jogoya to celebrate with her, got special promotion. Great opportunity to hang out also, been ages since I went out with friends :( By the way, I think I got fatter again. Sigh.

Bolognese! Story : I'm pretty sure this is bolognese and no carbonara :( I ordered carbonara but was served bolognese, I whined several times XD. Was dreading to finish it. Ish. :(

Coconuts, one of the favourite drinks in Jogoya. You need to 'pok' the coconut yourself though. "Hard work" *wipes sweat* 

Haagen Dazs and New Zealand ice creams available. For Haagen Dazs, Jogoya placed their worker to scoop for you. New Zealand ice cream, self service. Obvious reasons why lol. Anyway, the flavour weren't very very awesome. I'd only like Haagen Dazs' Belgium Chocolate and Green Tea.

Overall, averagely good.

Variety : Quite a reasonable lot of variety. 3/5
Presentation : Food looks ok. 3/5
Taste : Good but not awesome. I'd choose Shangri-la over Jogoya. 3/5
Ambiance : Nice, but I hate the dark lighting. 3/5

Not my first time there, but I agree with everyone else. The quality dropped. D: Or am I too fussy?

 Self-timer group picture :D

After lunch, we went to lowyat and sing karaoke. Actually it's them. I didn't hold the mike. XD I have phobia against it. :P