Based on my last blog post (link) about high school, let me further elaborate from the points I have written.

4) School has become ridiculous with the many rules imposed on the students. Spot checks has very much evolved throughout the years. Let me elaborate further on this point. I'll share with you the many examples of spot checks that a student has to go through in high school nowadays, I bet those of you who have graduated from high school many years ago wouldn't know this.

I had given nine examples of ridiculous spot checks that the school conducts upon the student. And my question to the school's authority is, what is the rational or even, the reason behind all these spot checks? Please, do not try to make a fool out of yourselves (as the school's authority) to tell the students when questioned, that it is for safety precautions/discipline purposes. Please, elaborate further on the issue of discipline purposes. Because

1) How does the thickness of your spectacles affect your discipline?
2) How does the size of your watch affect your discipline?
3) How does the colour of your watch affect your discipline?
4) How does the number of lines on your shoes and the colour of the lines affect your discipline?
5) How does the stockings you are wearing affect your discipline? Cause students are not allowed to wear that are too high above the ankle or below the ankle.
6) How does the design of your personal belongings affect your discipline?

I demand for an answer.

And I have also mentioned that the school want to suck out the maximum amount of money from students (and parents, since the parents are the one that gave them the money) to what they say - improve - the condition of the school. But the school spent money unnecessarily like "building a mini golf course". Whereas there are cracks everywhere around the school, but nothing is being done. We're talking about accountability here. School have taken money from the funds that is raised by students and teachers yet only a few of them have a say in all these matter (of handling finances). The school funds are also being allocated to the top student who did well in their exams. What about average and below average students who also contributed the school funds? By all means, it is a good to reward and encourage students who did well in their exams. However, I'm all against it for the school to take out the money from the school fund which is contributed by ALL students to reward some students only. It is UNFAIR and UNJUST. If the school wants to give out these incentives, I suggest them to find sponsors otherwise do not take out so much money from the school fund to reward them.

Another point I want to make is : What gives the school permission to spot check (or rather scrutinize) girls whether they are wearing the "correct" bras or not? Are they trying to stereotype girls that wear other bras than the ones that they allowed as being cheap? (Because they accuse that girls will attract boys when wearing bras with other colours or other kind of bras like tied ones) Is it even humane for them to penalize someone who dress decently yet just because they are wearing a bra that's of different colour, they are guilty of it? Is it wrong for a human to choose what undergarments they want to buy?

Even that being said, the school have already imposed a rule that all girls, pinafore or baju kurung, MUST wear a camisole. Even with the camisole, the school is still so particular about the bra colour and type (obviously you can't really see the bra already with the camisole)? And why is that? And, the school authorities said the reason behind the rules about bras and camisole are being imposed is because they want to protect girls from being immodest or being looked at (by the boys) in sexual ways because the baju kurung/pinafore are "see-through-able". And my question to the Ministry of Education is that, why did you (allow) or perhaps the marketing in Malaysia, produced such low quality uniforms that are available in the market for students to purchase, yet when we purchase the uniforms, we are being complained because our uniforms "exposed our body". In the first place, if the uniforms weren't "see-through-able" as being accused by various parties, would the students will need to go through the spot checks? Food for thought.

All in all, I considered this part of the spot check as harassment. And must the female students continue to be harassed this way? I don't think so. And thus, I'm speaking up.

People ask me, why the heck am I writing all this rubbish on my blog. Get over with it, they say, because I'm out of high school. I'm writing this because I do not have the opportunity to do so when I'm in high school. I will be "condemned to death" because if the school authorities found out, they will probably issue me a warning letter for defamation. Students are not allowed to write/say anything against their school.

But isn't what all I wrote here are tokens of truth that parents should be aware of? I am concerned over the future of my sibling, the other students who have yet to experienced the bitter taste of high school. Ask any graduated student, what they loved the most in high school and they would tell you that it is the time spent with friends. Not because they have learnt something. Rarely people would say that.

Parents should fight for their children in areas that they don't deserved to be harassed. But sadly, parents nowadays have neglected all this "petty issues" in schools that probably be a factor that shapes out bitterness, anger inside a student.

I do admit, I am angry and bitter against all these thing that I have wrote. But more than that, I'm worried of what school has become of. School should be a place that educates people not just in academic field, but in shaping a person's character to be a useful person in the future, bringing out the best out of a person and not constantly picking on people's mistake to condemn them. School now has become another phase a Malaysian student have to go through with much reluctance and gaining nothing much except making friends.

So am I being a coward because I have not written all these things before this? No, I have wrote about all these issues several times in my own personal rant. I believe in being wise and not putting myself into trouble unnecessarily. Am I writing all these to let out my frustration over the few years in high school? Yes, I am. But I also want parents to be aware of all these things your children have to go through every single day for five days.

Your children are the leaders of the future generation. And what we see in school is corruption, deception and harassment everyday. Do something.

Note : Please bear in mind, I am not defaming my school or any school in particular. This is a pattern that is seen in every other school but I am simply writing about my past experiences and examples that I know of.