As I always say, time flies. It's March already! Remember I said in one of my blog post I took my undang class at 6th Jan and on last Wednesday, I've passed my driving test on my first attempt :) Really want to take thank God for His favour upon me. & thank you all who messaged and prayed for me :)

I was actually very afraid and fearful about the test as of during the 4th lesson, I was basically doing many many mistakes when I was driving. And I only came to know about the routes during the 5th lesson and I kinda panicked because I was afraid I'm not really familiar with the road and what not.

Anyways, thank God that he granted me a good examiner. FYI, I didn't bribe please. I know bribing is one of the most common thing you do in order to pass but no I didn't. If all year long we're complaining about the corruption that our politicians committed, what made us different from them when we bribe? The smallest action of bribing is still a form of corruption. Just my two cents. :)

So, really really want to thank God for his hands upon me. Cause if I failed, would need to come out with more money and I'd need to wait longer to get my license. So yeah. God is good!