It's been a while since I posted my two cents about anything. It's been two months since SPM ended and I've never stepped into the school compound ever since. I have so many reasons to loathe high school and let me share with you some of them.

1) In high school (in this case government school), it is NORMAL for a teacher not to attend his/her class. Well, it is usual that some teachers, particularly male teachers in my case that wouldn't attend his/her classes. Meaning, they are not doing their job yet they are getting monthly pay. What annoys me is that they don't have a valid reason to skip teaching us, making me lagged behind 'cause for some reasons I don't like attending tuition either. And why is that, that the teachers assume that every student now attends tuition? Cause some teachers got the guts to say that "See, even if I don't teach you, you guys are so smart, got attend tuition". Now, I don't take that as a compliment because as a full grown up, teachers are supposed to take up their responsibility to teach and give their best. Not skip class to go smoking or talking with other teachers and eating in the canteen.

2) Teachers get to make racist remarks, openly discriminate other people but get away with it. Clearly, teachers make racist remarks whether intentional or not, in the public ie. assembly and classroom and it's unpleasant for the ears of the listeners. As each school has a group of students who are lacking in studies and also in terms of discipline, discipline teachers tend to publicly condemn the students based on race, whereas actually all races of student is also involved in that "bad category" of students, but because based on population(depending on schools), a certain race would be more than the other thus, the "bad category" would also come from that particular race. Teachers also discriminate students publicly, making judgmental remarks and comments. Take for example what happened to my school, a teacher condemned the Malay girls who didn't wear tudung, saying they are a bad example and sort of like curse them, saying that they won't restu them for graduation and SPM. Such things should never happen, especially in schools where students get education but this is what we see everyday.

3) Student who questions teachers/authorities are seen as rebellious students and rude, whereas it a human right to speak up whenever we want. What about freedom of speech? I have been in this position that I am seen as a rebellious student, for almost 2 years, just because I spoke up. What happened in form 4 (link), made the teachers involved labelled me as a problematic student who is not willing to submit to school rules. But mind you, I've actually submitted myself in a whole lot of matters which I think was not necessary and I can be stubborn if I wanted to but I didn't. And even that, in form 5, during an exam there was an essay for English which I written according to the topic given, "Changes in School". I wrote a few points including some ridiculous stuffs happening to school just to find that my English teacher found out that I was quite "vocal" in writing the issues in the essay that she actually showed my essay to my class teacher. I don't see what's the point of her doing that, was she mocking me or impressed? That, I don't know but I'm sure in some part I probably have offended her because in that essay I was being very sharp and precise in giving the examples that reflects my own school.

4) School has become ridiculous with the many rules imposed on the students. Spot checks has very much evolved throughout the years. Let me elaborate further on this point. I'll share with you the many examples of spot checks that a student has to go through in high school nowadays, I bet those of you who have graduated from high school many years ago wouldn't know this.

a) Prefects use rulers to measure how thick are your spectacles. More than 1 cm, your spectacles will be confiscated.

b) Prefects use 50 cents coin to measure how big is your watch. Bigger than that, your watch will be confiscated.

c) You are not to have a watch with more than 2 colours. More than that, your watch will be confiscated.

d) Your shoes should not have more than 2 lines by the side. More than that, you are required to use a liquid paper to liquid the lines. Should the colour of the lines are other than black, you are required to use a black marker pen to overwrite it.

e) You are not allowed to own a comb in certain schools. If you happen to own one, your comb will be confiscated. And in certain schools, those combs with 'supposedly-claimed' sharp end will be confiscated.

f) Prefects will check if your stockings is above your ankle, if discovered below your ankle, name will be recorded in the "bad book" and disciplinary action will be taken against you soon.

g) Prefects will check if you wear bra according to skin colour or not, if discovered you did not name will be recorded in the "bad book" and disciplinary action will be taken against you soon. The same applies when you wear "other kind of bras" that is not approved by the school, ie string-tied ones etc.

h) Anything that is considered as barangan berfesyen (fasionable items) personally by the discipline teacher himself/herself, will be confiscated. Ie. your school bag, your wallet, your purse, your pencil box, your key chain.

i) All students are not allowed to bring scissors. When it comes to art class, the art teacher complains. In the everyday school life, students cut papers using ruler. LOL. Nice right?

5) Food just sucks in school canteens. And also, there are several times where the canteen workers don't allow students to on the fan. OMG. HOT, you know?!

6) Most teachers tend to have pets but being a professional, they shouldn't be biased and be fair to all. Sadly, humans being humans they play favouristism and it's no nice to the other students that they do not favour.

7) The school authorities make empty promises to students, saying that they will give out certificates and even prizes for certain competition. And yet they failed to carry out whatever they have promised in the first place. Talk about taking responsibilities here.

8) The school want to suck out the maximum amount of money that they can through "compulsory" activities that are carry out yearly. Take for example, carnival day (or whatever you wanna call it la, Hari Keusahawanan or whatever crap). The students are required to fork out a certain amount of money (for my school, RM30) that is included in the so-called school fees as the coupons for carnival day. Compulsory to "purchase". Besides that, for carnival day itself, the students have to fork out another amount of money as the modal to buy ingredients/stuffs and what not, for the food/drinks/entertainment that they are gonna sell on that day. And at the end of the day, if your sales is bad and you didn't gain any profit, you lose money again cause out of the sales, the school takes 70% of the whole sales. You may even lose out in getting back your modal. Nice? There's more. School collect extras "funds" through many other activities like jogathon (asking you to collect a certain amount of money, if you didn't you're gonna be punished in some ways). The school koperasi also made a lot of profit because the school made it compulsory to students to purchase their socks, pants and everything else they could possibly think of. And if you fail to bring your buku peraturan and buku nilam, you are required to purchase a new one on the spot regardless u have it at home or not. Nice, more money for them.

9) You may not see it, but the school systems regardless of which school you attend, are getting corrupted. Because of money and fame. Why did the school implement so many rules and such? Cause they want to be recognized as a good school, so-called excelling in studies and also in other aspects like discipline.

I have many other points, but for now. Let's just leave till here :)