Well, one a random day a few weeks ago, Hoong Fong suddenly asked me whether I'm free because he wanted to pass me something. Then, he said he coming on Monday (17th Jan) around 1 pm to pass me something. He mentioned something about dressing nicely. And I ignored what he said hahaha. I kept asking him what was the thing he wanted to pass to me, then he said SURPRISE and being suspicious all over it -_-; Fine.

When the day came, I was msn-ing with him, summore he said he will be late because his sister was not back yet. Then I heard noises outside, and I took a look. (I tend to be easily suspicious after the robbery a few years ago..) I saw a few people coming out from the car and wearing something red over their body (it was actually aprons, but I can't see -_-'') so I thought they were setting up booths nearby probably doing some promotion. Then, I continued using the comp lor hor. Then suddenly got people, rang the bell of my house.

-_-; It was the few people that come out from the car, and they were asking for "TANG RUXYN", in mandarin D: But ehh, I was blur that time, I was like.. "Yeaaaa, I am?" LOL. Then they ask me to go out. So.. uh okay, I went out. You see, I wasn't wearing specs at that time, so my vision was blurry -_-; Then I came out and they said they are from the McD Joy of Prosperity Team. They said my friend, Hoong Fong nominated me and he won. Then they sang a cheer, took photos and gave me vouchers. OMG, I can't tell you how shocked I was. I was literally stunned -_-;

AND, I was underdressed. Like. *ohmalugilaishudhavelistenedtowhattheliarsaid*. So, I got TIPU-ed by one of my closest friend ever. LOL. I feel like smacking him when I returned to the comp after that. -_-; Anyhows, I was really happy in a way, and STILL SHOCKED. Oh well, I was given a polaroid picture YAY! But McD also uploaded the picture to their site.. -_- Nice. -_______-;;

taken from McDonald's Malaysia FacebookWall Photos

They enclosed RM90 instead of RM100 :x some errors I guess but still happy! :D :D :D

My copy of polaroid :P

So anyhow, I wanna thank Hoong Fong here. OMG, I know this freak since standard 4. And Mister, I still wanna know WHAT YOU WROTE for the contest!