Britney Spear's Hold it Against Me had been hitting the charts even since the song was debuted. And people are so efficient nowadays, that many Youtubers have been producing their own version of covers for the song in just days.

There's a little boy, 8 years this year to be specific who rapped the song. Well, I checked out this boy, MattyB's channel and watched some of his videos and I don't really fancy. Hahhaa, I mean I don't find him cute and I don't enjoy rapping -.-'

There's a heated debate between lovers and haters at the comment section but if I were to choose sides I'd go to the haters side. I mean, c'mon he's just 8 years old, he should just be a normal kid. XD To me, he's trying way too hard (as it seems in the video, and also in the lyrics O_O)

Anyhow, Sam Tsui (omg, I love him :D) and Kurt had also come out with their own cover and it's kinda like the slow version. As for Sam & Kurt's video, I tend to be a little biased yeah. Hahahaa. But I guess I really liked how they produced/arranged/played the song. However, I'd still prefer Sam to cover better songs than Hold It Against Me though =/

Well, I'm no music expert, but you can listen to both videos and see what you think about it. :)

Sam & Kurt's


Well, you decide which is better :)