What's the name of Taylor Swift's third studio album? 

Obviously, Speak NOW!



Well, Taylor Swift is well known for her song-writing skill. What she writes and sings reflects on her life. 

Now what I like is that she is PRETTY, YOUNG, BRAVE, TALENTED. LOL. Looks-wise she's beautiful, and she's young so we're gonna see her for a long time now and she's already bagged a few Grammys in her pocket at a young age, such an inspiration. Why I say that she is brave is because she have the guts to write songs about GUYS in her life. Hahaha. She must be a sweetheart of everyone. Talent-wise not many people can write songs. Most importantly, the lyrics of the songs she writes bears meaning unlike many other songs which is just too repetitive. =/

*seee, soooo pretty*

She is also like the girl-next-door kind and so she is humble and everyone for sure would like her. I mean which hater would be so mean to hate such a nicer girl? XD

Well, if I were to answer why I like Taylor Swift in slogan and win something from AMBP I'd say ... 

because she's charming, absolutely talented, real and most importantly today was a fairytale if I won a CD and tee from AMBP and I'd share my love story to everyone if I did and if I don't I wish I could go back to december to earn money during the holidays to get myself one!

If only I could get her CD for free and also a T-shirt from AMBP, I'd gladly wear it, proudly. And people would probably be jealous of me then. HAHAHAA.

Who doesn't know that her latest video released - "Back to December" is becoming a hit? Well, if you haven't just watch it here ok? ;)

Adios :) Hopefully I'm chosen XD