Fact #4

Mahathir's Portrait - End product but the lines are still intact. =/

The original copy that I used to refer

Well, I like to draw/sketch a lot last time. Especially copy pasting. Drawing comic covers in A4 size. I like doodling now more though. Scribble nonsense and all.

And oh if you noticed, the eyes in my portrait kinda cacated XD

Jack's Place One Utama

I went to One Utama's Jack's Place last Saturday with my mum and sisters for the first time. Haven't been there before :) And I didn't bring my camera along because the battery died =.= So, please excuse the horrible picture quality taken using phone D:

During lunch hour, Jack's Place offers a great deal of set which includes soup of the day, garlic bread, dessert of the day, tea/coffee. The price range depends on what you choose as your main course. I chose Fish&Chips and the whole set cost me only approx RM13.

Pumpkin Soup, tastes rather similar to mushroom soup kind, just sweeter :)

 Garlic bread

My sister's beef o_o" Forgot the name :P

My younger sister's black pepper chicken chop

Niahaha, my fish and chips -_-; horrible picture.

Vanilla pudding with honey


Oh, if you're thirsty, you can also add on RM4 to get 2 drinks. Great deal actually :)

Fact #3

I love reading. I like "bombastic words" XD. And I only learn them through reading, not reading dictionaries, please ._." It's probably the only way I could improve my English. So, reading to improve language is not a myth. It's a truth!

P/s: Blogger got a new picture uploader! :)

Michael Jackson - This Is It

You know, my father used to own many collections of CDs from the 80s and 70s and also 60s I guess. You've probably heard of the famous British band - The Beatles. What about Pink Floyd, Simon & Garfunkel, Rod Stewart, Whitney Houston? And a whole lot of other singers during that era, before we hail the queen of the weirds - Lady Gaga. I don't fancy much though, but I like Whitney she's powderful. I've only heard these artist because of my father XD. And of course the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

What? You mean you don't know him? It couldn't be. It's so sad that such a talented person had gone too fast too soon. I mean, I'm a fan yo XD. I mean he's so gaya gila =) I've bought his This Is It album last December, which cost me approx RM70 if I didn't mistaken.

It comes with two CDs and several amazing small posters all packed nicely. 16 tracks in the first CD including his hit songs - Thriller, Billie Jean and Beat It - and also Human Nature, Earth Song, Man in the Mirror, just to name a few.

Details about who wrote the song, when was it published, by who are included. However, there are no lyrics of the songs provided. But you've probably know the lyrics by heart already if you're a fan :P Lalala.

Oh! Look! Orianthi! I love her. I only got to know about her when I watched the This Is It movie and immediately grew interest in her after watching her play guitar during the Black or White song. Awesomeness, that even when MJ died he introduced another talented girl =)

Snap shots of the posters inside the album :

Bigger images of MJ in the albums :

And my favourites :

Don't cha think his outfit/costumes are so attention-grabbing? ._." Glamorous indeed glamorous! I mean, whatever he wears looks classy I tell you :) Even just plain white tees :P

And I love this best!

Somehow, I feel this picture super got feel XD. Look at the dancers and MJ. Their expression, their posture is just picture perfect. Hahaha, super got feel lor. =D

Well, This Is It!

Fact #2

I like anything that is (of) poh-tah-toe. 
Mashed potato, fried potato, steam potato, grilled potato XD Anything lah. =DD

Fact #1

If I haven't mistaken, I got my guitar on December 2008 as a Christmas present from my mother. It's RM700 and it's rather expensive for a person's first guitar. Well, I've never thought of learning guitar or whatsoever, I even forgot why in the first place I got it. Did I asked for it? FORGOT. Argh XD. But anyway, I've left it dusty for the first half of this year. I'm playing it back again, though I'm still a noob.. And I don't wanna go for classes. D: I can play some basic chords and my strumming sucks. -_-; But, I shall work on it after SPM :)

Sam Tsui and Kurt Hugo Schneider

If you haven't know, I'm a fan of Sam Tsui XD. And his friend, Kurt. Came to know this two fellas when I heard their famous medley - Michael Jackson Medley on Youtube and quickly subscribed to Kurt's channel ever since.

XD Along the way, I kept track of the videos Kurt uploaded and he produced a lot of other videos and covers most if not all of it featuring Sam Tsui in it.

Among my favourites are :

1) Don't Want An Ending - their original song (posted this video up a few days back)
2) Summer Pop Medley - the song which made them appear on msn homepage
3) Michael Jackson Medley - the song Sam performed when they appeared on Oprah's show
4) Fireflies 
5) Glee's Don't Stop Believing

Other interesting ones by produced by Kurt but Sam's not in it :

1) Taylor Swift Medley
2) Miley Cyrus Medley

And my current favourite is this :

a fan's artwork taken from facebook.

The latest video released is Love The Way You Lie MashUp and there's free mp3 up for grabs :P Well, the video's below. Watch it! =)

Hahaha, I love his semangat when he's singing. Got attitude weih. Well, I really like medleys and also mashups, hope they'd produce more songs. I'd be eyeing for more. Teehee. Hope you guys like it. =)