I went to One Utama's Jack's Place last Saturday with my mum and sisters for the first time. Haven't been there before :) And I didn't bring my camera along because the battery died =.= So, please excuse the horrible picture quality taken using phone D:

During lunch hour, Jack's Place offers a great deal of set which includes soup of the day, garlic bread, dessert of the day, tea/coffee. The price range depends on what you choose as your main course. I chose Fish&Chips and the whole set cost me only approx RM13.

Pumpkin Soup, tastes rather similar to mushroom soup kind, just sweeter :)

 Garlic bread

My sister's beef o_o" Forgot the name :P

My younger sister's black pepper chicken chop

Niahaha, my fish and chips -_-; horrible picture.

Vanilla pudding with honey


Oh, if you're thirsty, you can also add on RM4 to get 2 drinks. Great deal actually :)