If you haven't know, I'm a fan of Sam Tsui XD. And his friend, Kurt. Came to know this two fellas when I heard their famous medley - Michael Jackson Medley on Youtube and quickly subscribed to Kurt's channel ever since.

XD Along the way, I kept track of the videos Kurt uploaded and he produced a lot of other videos and covers most if not all of it featuring Sam Tsui in it.

Among my favourites are :

1) Don't Want An Ending - their original song (posted this video up a few days back)
2) Summer Pop Medley - the song which made them appear on msn homepage
3) Michael Jackson Medley - the song Sam performed when they appeared on Oprah's show
4) Fireflies 
5) Glee's Don't Stop Believing

Other interesting ones by produced by Kurt but Sam's not in it :

1) Taylor Swift Medley
2) Miley Cyrus Medley

And my current favourite is this :

a fan's artwork taken from facebook.

The latest video released is Love The Way You Lie MashUp and there's free mp3 up for grabs :P Well, the video's below. Watch it! =)

Hahaha, I love his semangat when he's singing. Got attitude weih. Well, I really like medleys and also mashups, hope they'd produce more songs. I'd be eyeing for more. Teehee. Hope you guys like it. =)