I'm not a very patriotic person, but I do know that Malaysia is my home. And I cannot stand when having certain conversations with certain people about the JPA scholarship. It's like they're telling me if they got the JPA scholarship they will not come back to work for the government. Muka tebal, use all the other Malaysian's taxpayers' money and flee. Fugitive! D:  I don't know how can a person have a heart and to do so. Don't he have a conscience?!

I know, "Malaysia don't have any future/More working opportunities there/Grass greener on the other side" etc etc. Oh come on, Malaysia don't have any future because YOU are going to leave and stay abroad and heck, no pros are left to serve this country. And perhaps one day you settle down there, have a family then you come back to Malaysia to give birth for the sake of citizenship for your child. Seriously, why bother to be a Malaysian? ._." I don't understand. Would someone explain to me please?

And yes, I know, why should we stay right? Some of us are being ill-treated, racism, injustice and there's so many things we can't say although we know it's the truth. But there must be a reason you are here, right? Oh c'mon. It's you who decide whether you belong here or not. You don't need to have the sense of belonging. It you who decide. Not others. Only yourself.

The least you can do for your country is serve the people. If you don't who will? Anyhoots your parents would be here, your relatives, your closest friends ain't it? Well, I'm not condemning anyone. Just get your motives right. And if it's your calling, why not? If not, just freaking stay here please. -_-; Hahahahaha :D

I don't know why I'm ranting. Just want to write my thoughts. Heh. Do I make sense? Right.