Went to B!g Apple at Berjaya Times Square to celebrate Father's Day last Sunday. No, not the Big Apples Doughnuts ._." It's B!G Apple Restaurant, buffet :)

Well, the place was fully booked ._." So we got to sit at the lounge. At the lounge this is the view that you get by the side of the window :

Pudu Jail and the historic wall! How funny, just like the next days gone already. Sad, but how nice to take the last glimpse and a picture of it. Oh well, byebye Pudu Jail.

About the food, I rate it just 5/10. I don't really like it. Even the salmon is not really very nice, although it really looks very appetizing ._." But the taste is just different. Mash potato was nice though. And the choice of food is very very little, for a buffet at least. But like I always say : You pay for what you eat.

The char siew, is chicken. How can char siew be chicken? :( But then nice also la. I mean, okay. Not outstanding-fantastic but nice la.

Me lurve this picha!

My mum's waffle is just so pathetic -_-; So I went to get one for myself and bring it up to a whole new level ^^.

This! Moreeee berries and jam. Muahahahaha. And the next waffle is indulgence. Ngekkkk. I look forward to desserts more ._."

Lastly, Happy Father's Day! And I won't go back there anymore. I don't likey.