On the first day of July, my watch is dead. Just a few hours ago. I wore my watch loosely when sitting down and waiting for my bus and only found it missing when I hopped on my bus. =( When I got home I immediately called  my mum asked her to find it around the road there and the bench. And my mum brought this back..

I don't need to ask my mum what happened to it, by the looks of it I already know. I must have dropped on the tar road and cars or whatever vehicles ran over it... I don't think it's fixable =(

My mum just bought it for me at Sunway Pyramid on 27th March =(. It's just 1st July today. The watch is not cheap and my watches never really last long. I guess I'm not good at handling stuffs of my own.

Well, I guess I don't deserve another watch for now. I need to start to be more careful and less careless.