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Food: Brazzo Cascades, Dataran Cascade, Kota Damansara

Brazzo Cascades is one of the latest non-halal casual dining restaurant located at Dataran Cascade, Kota Damansara. It's hard to miss the restaurant because there's a fancy fountain (not seen in the picture) just outside the outdoor dining area which everyone seemed to love. Personally, I wasn't fascinated or such but I can see that many people do appreciate the fountain.

I was told that Brazzo comes from the Spanish word 'brazo' which means 'bbq pit'. This is the 5th outlet in Malaysia and it was opened last December. Brazzo's Johor Bahru outlet is quite well known. Also, just in case you were interested to know, Brazzo takes pride in its beef-based dishes.

While the rest of Dataran Cascades seemed deserted, Brazzo's existence definitely lift up the mood in the building. From the brief visit from the carpark to the restaurant, I noticed that there weren't that many tenants and I'm guessing that Brazzo is definitely the most lively tenant here…


I was contemplating about blogging about my Japan trip this weekend, but it was a busy week. A busy weekend that came with such a devastating news.

By now, you should already have heard the tragic news about the death of Christian Grimmie. If you haven't already, do know that she has passed, brutally murdered as a stranger shot her to death during a meet and greet session.

Many headlines associated her as 'The Voice alum' but long-time fans would have most probably followed her since her early days on YouTube.

I started following Christina on YouTube shortly after I heard her first collab for a Miley Cyrus Medley with Kurt Schneider, whom I've been following earlier. Truth is, I was never really a big fan until she collab with Kurt again to cover Nelly's Just A Dream alongside on of my favourite YouTubers at that time, Sam Tsui.

Christina is one of the pioneers of YouTube music, and she was one of the most popular music-based YouTubers.

I guess the saddest part abo…

Japan Spring Trip: Hokkaido - Day 3 (Apple Holiday)

In continuation of my previous blogpost on my Japan trip, here's what I did for day 3:
Early morning after breakfast, we left Rusutsu Resort after breakfast at the same place we had for dinner. 
Almost a two-hour bus journey to Otaru, we caught some really nice landscape from the bus and here are some picture we managed to capture while we were on the bus:

Mount Yōtei, also known as the mini 'Mount Fuji' in Hokkaido.

As you can see from the pictures, the view looks a lot like winter, isn't it?

So anyway, while we were on the bus, our tour guide and tour leader kept us entertained by letting us try some snacks which we can purchase from them. Even tried some beauty products lol.

Anyway, time flew by and in no time, we made to our first stop of the day, Otaru Canal. Otaru Canal used to play a central part in the transportation of goods, then restoration works took place in the 1980s for it took look as good as now. It's now a common place to shoot romantic scenes for…