I was contemplating about blogging about my Japan trip this weekend, but it was a busy week. A busy weekend that came with such a devastating news.

By now, you should already have heard the tragic news about the death of Christian Grimmie. If you haven't already, do know that she has passed, brutally murdered as a stranger shot her to death during a meet and greet session.

Many headlines associated her as 'The Voice alum' but long-time fans would have most probably followed her since her early days on YouTube.

I started following Christina on YouTube shortly after I heard her first collab for a Miley Cyrus Medley with Kurt Schneider, whom I've been following earlier. Truth is, I was never really a big fan until she collab with Kurt again to cover Nelly's Just A Dream alongside on of my favourite YouTubers at that time, Sam Tsui.

Christina is one of the pioneers of YouTube music, and she was one of the most popular music-based YouTubers.

I guess the saddest part about her death is how cruel the whole incident took place. A stranger who intended, who had planned to take someone's life... in the end took the easy way out and shot himself to death too. Christina was younger than me. Everyone said she would have a great career ahead of her. But beyond that, everyone said that it was a waste that she died at 22. Gone too soon.

Indeed, it's a shame for all of us that such a great person was murdered. I know I'm talking like I knew Christina. I don't but I admire her and I know millions out there feel the same. I think it's because of the fact she was so likeable as a person. Even just looking her on screen, you can know she's down to earth, and ever so genuine. Most of all, she was never ashamed to defend her faith, and proclaim and testify her faith in Jesus.

But one thing's for sure. Christina is in heaven, and there's nowhere else better for her.