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Office Lunch Solution with Foodpanda and ShopBack

Ever since I started working, eating has become a chore, or rather thinking of what to eat has become a chore. Honestly, sometimes it’s easier to just skip lunch. Even when there’s a lot of options around the office somehow when it comes to lunch time, everyone would start to ask the golden question: What’s for lunch today?

Packed meals from home!

After about 3 months now, I’m starting to get tired of “office food” and I thought it was time for a change, so I’ve been bringing packed meals from home the last 2 weeks, specially prepared by my mum (yay!).

Side note, one of my colleague also recently signed up for a Dah Makan package. Dah Makan is a local healthy food delivery service. So, she’s been having meals delivered to her everyday.
Out of my own curiosity, I would go over and peep at her meal almost everyday to see how are the meals. So far, so good I must say.
Speaking of which, one of my friends have told me to try out Foodpanda because they deliver your favorite food straight to you…