Ever since I started working, eating has become a chore, or rather thinking of what to eat has become a chore. Honestly, sometimes it’s easier to just skip lunch. Even when there are a lot of options around the office somehow when it comes to lunchtime, everyone starts asking the golden question: What’s for lunch today?

Packed meals from home!

After about 3 months now, I’m starting to get tired of “office food” and I thought it was time for a change, so I’ve been bringing packed meals from home the last 2 weeks, specially prepared by my mum (yay!).

Side note, one of my colleagues also recently signed up for a Dah Makan package. Dah Makan is a local healthy food delivery service. So, she’s been having meals delivered to her every day.

Out of my own curiosity, I would go over and peep at her meal almost every day to see how are the meals. So far, so good I must say.

Speaking of which, one of my friends has told me to try out Foodpanda because they deliver your favourite food straight to your desk or doorstep. So basically, you can order from over 600 restaurants like Nando’s, Madam Kwan, or even Tangkak Beef Noodle. So I guess it’s a good option too, though in all honesty, I haven’t tried it out for myself yet.

Imagine getting Nando's delivered to you!

Of course, I personally don’t think it’s the cheapest option out there since it’s a really good service (I mean, isn’t it awesome getting Nando’s delivered to you?!) But, there’s this thing called ShopBack, a cashback site for online promotions.

Image source from MalayMailOnline

What this means is you get back cash when you purchase through the partner merchants from their site. So you enjoy the best deals online and get cashback with Foodpanda vouchers. Also, they are running a special promo called Pay Day Sale until 29 March. Overall, it seems legit, since they’ve been around for quite some time in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia. 

Food delivery aside, there are a lot of lunch ideas around on the Internet, so I guess if you’re not into food delivery, you could try making your own lunch. Fortunately for me, I don’t have to do it myself for now :P

Know any other office lunch tips? Do let me know!

Note: This post was produced by invitation from ShopBack.