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Review: Mi Redmi 2 Enhanced 2GB RAM 16GB Malaysia (First Impressions)


Me being me, clumsy as ever, I managed to spoil my Motorola Moto G after about 1.5 years of usage. Actually, it's working perfectly except for the cracked screen. The thing is, it will cost me about RM250 to fix the LCD and I was contemplating if it was worth it because seriously, ask everyone around me - I love my Moto G. I also went to test market and see if anyone would still want a broken phone and lo and behold - I received several offers ranging from RM80-RM100. Not bad for a broken phone LOL.

Anyhows, I decided to surf the market a bit and find something within my budget. I don't believe in spending money to buy any flagships because I am not in need of one. And finally, I settled for the Redmi 2 Enhanced. The Redmi 2 Enhanced came on time as it was just launched about less than 2 weeks ago.

I got the Redmi 2 Enhanced directly from Mi Malaysia store at RM459, which is rather a good price and about how much I wanted to spend …

Drinking Water and Asking Permissions

One of the news today is about a couple who is urging the MOE to ban this particular teacher from teaching because he punished (by caning, which left bruises by the way) the couple's daughter for drinking water without asking for permission. I always read comments to see what people are talking about and how do they feel about the issue.

It irks me to read that there are still quite a number of people that felt that the teacher was right because children needs to be "disciplined" and "learn manners". I would have to disagree on this point. While I do not disagree that children should be taught manners and asking permissions before doing something is an ideal and good practice but to go as far as punishing children for not asking permission to drink water is simply absurd. Heck, even if that child drinks water without asking for permission from the teacher, it's questionable whether he or she even deserved to be rebuked.

Caning as punishment is a sensitive i…