Me being me, clumsy as ever, I managed to spoil my Motorola Moto G after about 1.5 years of usage. Actually, it's working perfectly except for the cracked screen. The thing is, it will cost me about RM250 to fix the LCD and I was contemplating if it was worth it because seriously, ask everyone around me - I love my Moto G. I also went to test market and see if anyone would still want a broken phone and lo and behold - I received several offers ranging from RM80-RM100. Not bad for a broken phone LOL.

Anyhows, I decided to surf the market a bit and find something within my budget. I don't believe in spending money to buy any flagships because I am not in need of one. And finally, I settled for the Redmi 2 Enhanced. The Redmi 2 Enhanced came on time as it was just launched about less than 2 weeks ago.

I got the Redmi 2 Enhanced directly from Mi Malaysia store at RM459, which is rather a good price and about how much I wanted to spend on a phone, or less. I also top up RM39 to get a 10400 mAh powerbank for my aunt.

Basically, the "Enhanced" version has an upgrade in RAM and internal storage than the Redmi 2 (older version). Specs wise, I have an upgrade from my Moto G in terms of RAM and camera, and oh a different processor.

First look! It's a phone at a size I like - at 4.7" HP IPS Display.

Basically in the box it's the common stuff you get. The phone itself, the battery, a USB cable and a charger. Nope, no documentation. I'm yet again disappointed with the charger that Mi provides. 1A only? Please. I just kept the USB cable and charger inside the box since I've resorted to continue using my OEM 2A charger to charge the Redmi 2 Enhanced now.

I don't really like the positioning of the sim card slots and the microsd card as I have to remove the battery pack first in order to remove the sim card(s). Since the battery in Moto G is not removable, the location of the sim cards were at a different sides and it indirectly made it more convenient for the user to remove or insert sim cards.

Out of the box, the Redmi 2 Enhanced has the latest MIUI software. And after I finish loading the whole phone I was prompted to get the latest update to Not bad.

Size comparison with the Moto G, it's a little longer but I still like the feel of it in my hands. The Moto G is a little beefier and nicer to hold but Redmi 2 Enhanced is not bad either but I have to be more careful since I'm a clumsy person. Heh.

First impressions:
1. I was a little skeptical about MIUI 6 but it's not bad. On my Moto G with the Lollipop update, I cannot silent my phone and have vibrate so I love it that I have it here on the Redmi 2 Enhanced. Also, when I silent my phone on the Moto G, the alarm won't sound but it will work on the Redmi.

2. I love the camera.

3. I've been playing Injustice: Gods Among Us and it's without any apparent lag. No crashes so far (unlike on my Moto G). Phone gets hot real quick, but at bearable heat.

4. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the Redmi from 15% using the OEM charger (output 1V/2A)

Looking forward to using this phone and praying really hard that I stop being so clumsy. Haha.