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Food: Yezi, The Roof, Bandar Utama

I remember there was a point in time, a few years ago, when steamboats were a big hit in Klang Valley. Steamboat restaurants mushroomed with various concepts - buffet, grilled chicken wings,various soups or based including porridge even! - and I found myself having steamboat quite frequently with family or friends. Since the trend faded, there hasn't been much innovation to the steamboat scene - or that's what I thought until I heard about Yezi.

If you are familiar with the Chinese pinyin, Yezi, as the name of the restaurant suggests, refers to "coconut". Inspired by a famous restaurant in Shenzhen, China, Yezi takes pride in its signature broth, The Original Yezi Broth that is made up for coconut water and water chestnut to give you a taste of clear, fresh, and natural sweetness.

I had the opportunity to try this unique taste and was accompanied by Sean that night. Comments by Sean are bolded.

If you like - add on organic kampung chicken into the broth.
Besides The O…

Thesis The End

No updates in 2 weeks! I've been really busy in the last few weeks because of assignments and thesis. But I'm glad to say the journey is almost coming to an end now. Feels surreal that my classes are over and I'm left with one last presentation this Thursday. After which, I have two more papers to sit then it's really, the end of my degree life.
34 subjects + 3 MQA. Checked. Internship. Checked. Thesis. Checked!

How time has gone by just like that. I still remember the days of just entering to foundation - fun days! I still remember getting MQA done - twice! - because of mismanagement and misinformation from university. I still remember the first time I went to do a "proper" film assignment. I still remember applying for scholarships. I still remember that I was a noob and I just started to learn how to use Photoshop.

I know I don't blog much about uni life as under the "college" label there isn't much you can find. Main reason is beca…