No updates in 2 weeks! I've been really busy in the last few weeks because of assignments and thesis. But I'm glad to say the journey is almost coming to an end now. Feels surreal that my classes are over and I'm left with one last presentation this Thursday. After which, I have two more papers to sit then it's really, the end of my degree life.

34 subjects + 3 MQA. Checked. Internship. Checked. Thesis. Checked!


How time has gone by just like that. I still remember the days of just entering to foundation - fun days! I still remember getting MQA done - twice! - because of mismanagement and misinformation from the university. I still remember the first time I went to do a "proper" film assignment. I still remember applying for scholarships. I still remember that I was a noob and I just started to learn how to use Photoshop.

I know I don't blog much about uni life as under the "college" label there isn't much you can find. Main reason is because..I didn't want too much personal information here. And I know I've said many times that I can't wait for my degree life to end. But these 3 years have been an amazing journey. Yes, undoubtedly there are many times when I am fuming mad about the mismanagement, poor facilities, and incompetent lecturers but I love the kind environment in the university as compared to high school. Healthy freedom given, learning to deal with people, meeting people who you get along with... Good times.

And today, I did my thesis defense (Viva session) and I'm utterly glad that all this is over. I got a little nervous and I was laughing (giggling) at myself for saying some stupid things when I presented. And my supervisor came to me later and asked me why did I giggle...Ahahahaha. Guess I was nervous (and stupid).

Anyway, ending this post with some pictures I took over the weekend. Celebrated FGA's 36th Anniversary at Putra Indoor Stadium (filthy toilets!!!) and then went to Mid Valley to see some really nice displays of Marvel figurines and such.