I Jumped!

For those of you who didn't know.. I've switched from a Nikon D7000 to an Olympus OM-D EM-5 for about three months now :) I was a little sad because right after I bought it (secondhand, no I don't have the money to buy new stuffs :P) the price dropped (quite tremendously) because OM-D EM-10 was out.. Darn.  

Anyhows, the weight on my shoulders have been lifted up (literally :P) because the OM-D EM-5 is extremely light and small compared to the heavy DSLR I used to have. The truth is.. I'd be lying if I say I do not miss my Nikon simply because I'm still not very used to this camera (yet) and I'm still exploring.. However, a few things that I like about the OM-D EM-5 besides the portability, includes: the look (retro, yo) and the super fast AF speed. 

But anyhows, I bought a 17mm F1.8 lens lately and it's the main lens I'm using now coz it's a super light combo.. :D I haven't got the opportunity to really use this combo on the streets, sadly. 

Anywayyyy, I'm on my semester break nao. YAY ME. It's not for long but I think I'll enjoy every bit of it while I can now because.. I'm gonna start my internship soon *jeng jeng jeng*... as I'll be starting my Year 3 in the next semester.

Gonna grab some books and read now ;) 

Till then.


  1. EM-10 is not a replacement of EM-5. EM-10 is supposed to be an entry level OM-D hence it lacks some important photography features (like the 5-axis image stabilizer) but gains some other features like better screen and WIFI Direct.

    1. Yeap, I'm aware of that. But I guess whenever a new product is out.. the street price of existing products will drop. Even the price of OM-D EM-1 has dropped in the last few months. :)

  2. Btw I highly recommend the Zuiko 25mm, F1.8. Super sharp and well worth it's price. Most of the photos from my blog is taken with the lens.


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