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Haze, Part 1

Final week of the semester! Just bear with me for about 1 month until my semester break really begins.. then I make more food reviews and ramble more k? =p The past seven weeks has been really interesting. I was forced to make new friends (yeah, forced because I had no friends in the class initially), finally had an awesome lecturer who really gave us a lot of insights, had some terrible time completing group assignments and.. won an iPad! :D More on that later..

For now, I'm suffocating because of the terrible haze originated from Indonesia. I'm sick (not literally) and tired of not getting to breathe in fresh air for the past one week. Somebody DO something! :( Okay la, it's so typical of Malaysians to not to say anything until we face the problem ourselves. Good thing this haze problem is now out of hand and now Malaysians and Singaporeans (not sure about Indonesians) are forcing the governments involved to do something. I think it's almost 2 decades that this probl…

Video of the Week: Candy Crush The Movie (Official Trailer) - Nigahiga

Dedicated to all Candy Crush addicts! LOL.
Ryan Higa did it again. :1

Homemade: Okonomiyaki, Broccoli with Beef Tenderloin

Mama's been spending a lot of time in the kitchen over the past few years. And she's pretty good in what she does. Now, now there are experimental moments too. But overall, it's a pleasant experience for us, children. Teehee.

Okonomiyaki. Yums

Broccoli with beef tenderloin. Weehee. 

Mum's pretty generous when cooking or baking, she include other people's portion too. Now, she don't take orders and request for now..but maybe in the future? xD

Video of the Week: Pusher Love Girl - Pentatonix (Justin Timberlake Cover)

My gosh. Avi's bass (!!!) Good cover, but JT's better of course. Teehee.

Tamron SP AF17-50mm F/2.8 XR Di II (A16) NON-VC, NON-BIM (Nikon Mount)

NON-VC: Non-Vibration Compensation
NON-BIM: Non-Built-In-motor
BIM: Built-in-Motor
AF: Auto focus

I was hunting for a Tamron 17-50mm F/2.8 NON-VC+NON-BIM for quite some time now and finally got myself one. You can no longer buy this model as a new unit because this model was discontinued, replaced with Tamron 17-50 F/2.8 NON-VC, BIM.

Recommended for DX cameras. NON-VC BIM can be used across all the current DSLR models in the market, and it is definitely very useful for lower-end Nikon models like D3100, D3200, D5100 and such because these camera bodies got no AF motor. But if you have a D90 or D7000 or camera bodies with AF motor, I would definitely recommend you to go for the NON-BIM version. I have tried both the NON-VC BIM and NON-VC NON-BIM version and it is true that the AF is much faster on the latter model.

I got my unit from a dude via Free Trade Zone Malaysia, the aperture ring has a little friction when you use manual focus, but it is alright and doesn't affec…

Food: Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf, Bangsar Village (Non-halal)

Pretty call cards.
I noticed that restaurants get popular by word of mouth, especially among youngsters. It doesn't have to be direct, ya know. Posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or even check-in on FourSquare is enough to indirectly tell people about your opinion about the food. So, I've seen a lot of people posting on Three Little Pigs and Big Bad Wolf at Bangsar Village. Pretty 'trendy' place as a lot of people have been frequenting for its porky-food.
So it was my first time there for Shanon's birthday. Here's some foodie picture. Again, I hate places that are poorly lit up and this place happens to be one of the places with very little lighting. Probably to create ambiance. Thankfully I brought my external flash this time and I was shooting away. Sorry guests for the glaring flashes.

Pink lemonade

Garlic roast pork


The Wolf's Favourite (One of the best-sellers here)

Empty area.

Pork Burger

Overall, I find the food here good but nothing spectacu…

Oh June!

It's June already. :( What have I achieved? Did I actually achieve any of my resolutions I've set earlier this year? 
Let's have a quick update over the past few months shall we? January till May was packed like mad. I think I've watched less than 3 movies in the cinema within the 5 months. 6 subjects in one semester is no joke since I've only been taking a maximum of 4 subjects per semester usually. 

Uni aside, I've got lesser time to join contest. And the ones I've joined usually is.. #kalahlagi... So actually I've not win anything since last December. Anyway, I joined a photo contest by Embassy of the United States: Celebrating Women's Achievements Photo. Got honorable mention on the website (link

Cousin gave birth to lil nephew. So I'm really Aunty Ruxyn now.

Completed all Year 1 subjects, CGPA is enough to apply for Year 2 scholarship. Thank God. : ) Also got A- for design and LLS :D Super happy, since not many people got an A-. Ironical…

Video of the Week: Despicable Me - Fire Alarm

Can't wait!!! D: