Video of the Week: Mirrors - Justin Timberlake (Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider)

Less reverb and I'll love it.

LOL, Kurt need to choose better video stills :x

Have a Break

Just spent my whole Saturday afternoon sitting down and trying to complete my group assignment T.T It's not really a last minute work but I had to edit a group work that adds up to 18 pages and read through more than 4000 words. 

I even overwritten one of my files wrongly so I had lost one of my previous assignments contents... So this happened about 30 minutes ago..

Somebody get me those KitKat now, I need a break.


Just shoot me up. I need some help.

I've been feeling horrible since yesterday morning. I took close to 40 minutes to find a parking space, was 40 minutes late to class, left my tripod on the shuttle bus (thank God I found it back later!!!!) plus someone at HSC Medical Center tried to scam me (keep this story for another time).  And everything was just going WRONG. I'm not sure if I was all cranky and careless because of hormons but I'm pretty sure it's because I'm feeling overly stressed. Taking 6 subjects per semester is clearly a mistake. Cannot cope with the workload this semester. I'm on the verge of killing someone (because I'm on the verge to die, I want to kill someone too. Does that make sense?)

Just hoping things would turn around for good now.. God help me this coming 3 weeks. I really want to die already.


Put down your ego and pride, why keep silent and hide?
Was it really you fooling around?
Or was it your expectations that had let you down?

Could it be that it was not about - 'it was never meant to be'?
All this time you've only thinking about 'ME, ME, ME!'.
Open your eyes and see -
Life is really more than just about reaching the skies or parting the seas.

Think about not what you have achieved;
Or what you may have achieved,
But how you could give back all that you've received!

Ask yourself - when will ever someone be good enough?
Never! - Which is why life is tough!
So, are you going to continue to deny and live in bluff?

"Life is unfair"
A quote overused to justify the way we act and fare.

You say one thing, but act in another.
How do I know? Body language and actions speaks louder.

Do you really believe in the things you said about HIM?
Or are those just things you said just to proof you are believing?

All the years of my life, I've never seen such person,
I just don't wish to see you continue to be poisoned!
In my heart, I feel this burden,
But what can I do, when you don't see it as a distortion.


Why Here?

I feel suffocated with the 6 subjects that I'm taking this semester. To be honest, I don't know what am I doing here in degree because I don't feel like I learnt enough for the money I (or rather my parents) paid. And worst of all, none of the lecturers here inspire me. : (

I ask myself this question. My coursemates also ask themselves this question. "Why am I here, in this uni?" Honestly, I don't know. But for most of us, we came from foundation and we were 'stuck' with this uni. No doubt, HMC was a good and somewhat fun programme and we were all inspired by the lecturers then. But now, I don't know if we expect too much from lecturers or they are really incompetent.


Petaling Street, picture taken during R.AGE photowalk

Rants aside, this week has been really productive. I've finished up some of my assignments before the due date but more is coming up. Take this Friday for example - I'm supposed to hand in my assignments, visit Central Market, do a presentation for Moral class, take a mid-term exam after that, then take BM quiz. Ain't life so exciting?!

Actually, it is. I don't know why it has to be in the past 1 month, I have people approaching me with their ideas and asking me if I'm interested to be part of the project they want to launch out. Some of it are going even at international level. My friends and acquaintances really have brilliant ideas. However, I had to decline because I felt that I had other more important commitments and priorities at the moment. Sure, all of this are just absolutely good opportunities for me and I felt very privileged that people see how I could contribute to them. But, the time is just not right : ( I'm not a good juggler.

Oh yeah, in case some of you were asking (like some of my friends did) - no, I haven't been winning anything nice for the past 3 months. Yes, I iz sad. :'( No time to join and I tried joining some 'big contest' ie. national level contest but I didn't win T________T

Dry, dry year. Too many pros around. :z

McDonald's NEW Beef McPepper

I'm not someone who makes meme and I don't 9GAG. But here's my first attempt after I've tried McDonald's new Beef McPepper burger.

Lol, the watermark is irritating and the meme is a fail, but you get the idea.

How my Beef McPepper looks like

For a huge fast food chain like McDonald's surely this pathetic-looking burger shouldn't be served? Even the roadside Ramlee burger which is cheaper looks better and taste better!

Taste-wise, it's actually not that bad, tastes like prosperity burger (the black pepper sauce) but the looks is just downright pathetic. 

So, I made my conclusion. Beef McPepper is the most exaggerated and worst illustration ever produced by McDonald's. I iz sad.


Sorry, crappy picture quality as the image above was taken with S2.

HELLO PEOPLE, so, the title didn't lie. I'm giving out free TuneTalk Prepaid sim pack for people who join MusicNation :D What's MusicNation?  

MusicNation is an exclusive group for University students to listen to music, earn points and redeem them for lots of CDs, autographed merchandise and other goodies for free! While the website gets ready, in the meantime we are gathered in this portal to start a musical friendship with each other.

Who is MusicNation?
MusicNation or M-Nation for short has ties with Universal Music Malaysia, so you can expect the best from this professional group.
If you are interested, you just need to give me some details and I will help you to register as a member as I'm now working as an ambassador with MusicNation : )

Don't worry - there would be NO spams and I'm professional enough to keep your details SAFE.

Note: I will personally pass to you the TuneTalk pack (do e-mail me first before hand to confirm on this). Will charge RM7 for Poslaju fees.
If you're keen - just fill up this form (HERE) or if you have any doubts, drop a comment on this blogpost OR send me an email  - ruxyn_tang[at]live[dot]com. 


I'm on the Papers!

I mean the picture that I took actually, not me LOL. Anyway, no time to blog properly yet! : ( Loads of stuff to do. Projects, assignments... MARCH IS NOT BEING KIND TOWARDS ME.


Image Source: (link)

Video of the Week: Falling Slowly - Chester See Cover

Super sad I didn't get to catch Chester live when he was in Kuala Lumpur last weekend. :'(

My friends who didn't follow Youtubers love Chester most when they went to the IM4U event.

Chester's da man. Jason Chen who? David Choi who? XDD.


What Do You See?

What do you see in the end is very important.

In life, we need to look far. Far beyond the present.. to find a meaning that will push us forward.

So, what do you see in the end?