Put down your ego and pride, why keep silent and hide?
Was it really you fooling around?
Or was it your expectations that had let you down?

Could it be that it was not about - 'it was never meant to be'?
All this time you've only thinking about 'ME, ME, ME!'.
Open your eyes and see -
Life is really more than just about reaching the skies or parting the seas.

Think about not what you have achieved;
Or what you may have achieved,
But how you could give back all that you've received!

Ask yourself - when will ever someone be good enough?
Never! - Which is why life is tough!
So, are you going to continue to deny and live in bluff?

"Life is unfair"
A quote overused to justify the way we act and fare.

You say one thing, but act in another.
How do I know? Body language and actions speaks louder.

Do you really believe in the things you said about HIM?
Or are those just things you said just to proof you are believing?

All the years of my life, I've never seen such person,
I just don't wish to see you continue to be poisoned!
In my heart, I feel this burden,
But what can I do, when you don't see it as a distortion.