X-Men: First Class Poster and T-shirt

This was way back in June, where I entered a facebook competition via Asus and won myself X-men merchandise and 2 movie passes. Funny thing is, I didn't know I won until I received their email. They announced the winners earlier before they sent out the email so I missed it. And this is one of those rare occasions where I won something through "lucky draws". Seldom I won through such competition mechanism O: 

Anyway, mum helped me to collect them again :D thankssssss!

X-Men tee, not very big. Girls can wear. Anyone wants? Unisex tee :) Printed and distributed by Warner Bros themselves! Not worn yet :D

X-Men: First Class poster. Very good quality poster :) I saw a website selling this at USD39.90 o_o anyone interested? I'm willing to sell off cheaper to collectors or anyone interest :]

If anyone wants the tee (not worn yet still inside package) or even the poster, please contact me. Find my email through the sidebar at the right there. Thanks!



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