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2010 and a few years back, wrapped in thousands of words

It's the time of the year for a full time reflection, reminiscing events and moments of life throughout the whole year and my, it's been a journey indeed. It has been a bitter sweet journey this year. Hahaha so cliche right? But yeah. Many things had happened this year.

Of course to start off, I had an amazing journey trying out lotsa food throughout the year. XD That explains a lot you see, coz I've put on weight..a lot this year -_-; Had my first fine dining dinner at Max @ IHaus (link) on my birthday and also in conjunction with Jo's, which was the most expensive dinner I've ate ever. Went to Shang-Rila's buffet in conjunction with dad's birthday. Then, several trips to Sushi Zanmai (my favourite XD I love sushi). Went to Big Apple Berjaya (link).. Went to Fong Lye (link) to celebrate my mum's birthday which I vowed silently to myself I'd NEVER ever go there anymore because their system sucks, that made us waited for almost an hour.. Went to Smok…


Going to Korea for a holiday.

Being ditched by five person in a week is not fun.

Really, sad :( and disappointed? :(

Whatever, gonna enjoy the snowww.

It's Christmas! Happy thoughts..

See ya guys soon.

Back from Malacca

Hi, I just came back from Malacca today :) I officially finished SPM last Thursday and I had a three-to-one time with my invigilators XD. Anyhows, I've left my blog not updated for 5 days already :( I won't be around again for some time now... However, I'm still drafting one post for sure.. and a very long one. I'm using unifi now and my comp can't be connected online until something is done :( Until then, I'm not sure if I can upload pictures but I'll try. Wait, even updating is a problem now because I'm having lack of time :( grrr.. We'll see how D:

Food : Bibimbap

Okay, actually my mum made fried rice with bacon, prawns and eggs. So right, I asked her to fry another egg for me, separately, then I added seaweeds on top to make the "bibimbap" more appealing. Wahaha. 
Yums, look appetizing? Bibimbap
And yes, I know it's not really bibimbap. Just wanna bajet saja, tak bagi ke? :P

YPF's Brothers' Night 2010 - Pirates Dress Up Party

So right, I didn't put in much effort in blogging about YPF's Sisters' Night the other time. But I shall do a nice post about Brothers' Night instead :)

The brothers themed Sisters' Night as Princesses and so this time the girls decided to have a Pirates Night for the guys instead.

So I was in the deco team, and was in church with my sisters and Shuan Pei from 9 something-ish. And we were already late =x. Ops, behind schedule. We started being productive by wrapping the pillars with brown mah jong paper, to give the "woody feel". Okay it wasn't so much of a "we". Shuan Pei did most of the work, I just helped. D: Kudos to her! She worked the whole day :)

So right, Hannah, Justine and Li Ling came later and we're really behind schedule because it's late already :x So we began the real work. Yeah decorating the whole place, and rushing. See the flags up there? It was handmade by Hannah. Very nice right? :)

Ruhwey and Li Ling were the one…

i-City, Shah Alam

So! I went to i-City on the 31st of October if not mistaken, I just have this "thing" for dates. XD. Went there with my family, it was very windy that day. i-City has been a "hot-spot" for the past few months, seeing/reading about people going there to visit. If you haven't heard of this place, it's actually just a place with many many trees with lights, which makes the place very colourful and nice to walk. Other than that, there's nothing much there really. I don't own any DSLR and Nikon really sucks at low light, so just pardon me for the terrible pictures :P

' I was playing with Nikon's super macro. Does the second second picture pass as a bokeh picture? ._." Bokeh sounds so..funny,by the way. I didn't know what's bokeh, until Wesley told me about it. Photography term hmm?  

These lanterns reminds me of Chinese New Year somehow =/ Nice lightings? ._.

Lol, can you see Ruhwey's "peace" camouflage with the tree? -_-&#…

Food : Shangri-La Hotel Buffet

I went to Shangri-La Hotel last month on the 1st of November, in conjunction of my dad's birthday which was a week later. Actually, we already booked the place way earlier in June (beat that. Lol) because there was a special discount. We actually wanted to go there for my birthday, but since there was no place then, and the next immediate slots available was

Anyway! There's nothing much to say here xD because it's just food not like I stayed there or anything. However, I must say the food was good at so was the price offered :P There was a good discount for a good deal :D

Oh yes, I think the workers there are also very efficient, you know some places when there's no more food available, they take ages to refill. Here's, they're really quick to refill, they know a hungry man is a angry man i guess.

Oh yea, I think because there was a special discount so many people booked and brought their families together. There was so many old folks when I we…