2010 and a few years back, wrapped in thousands of words

It's the time of the year for a full time reflection, reminiscing events and moments of life throughout the whole year and my, it's been a journey indeed. It has been a bitter sweet journey this year. Hahaha so cliche right? But yeah. Many things had happened this year.

Of course to start off, I had an amazing journey trying out lotsa food throughout the year. XD That explains a lot you see, coz I've put on weight..a lot this year -_-; Had my first fine dining dinner at Max @ IHaus (link) on my birthday and also in conjunction with Jo's, which was the most expensive dinner I've ate ever. Went to Shang-Rila's buffet in conjunction with dad's birthday. Then, several trips to Sushi Zanmai (my favourite XD I love sushi). Went to Big Apple Berjaya (link).. Went to Fong Lye (link) to celebrate my mum's birthday which I vowed silently to myself I'd NEVER ever go there anymore because their system sucks, that made us waited for almost an hour.. Went to Smokehouse (link) to celebrate Ruh's birthday.. and many many more. Hehe, living for food? :P

Earned a few hundred extra cash for myself this year, great achievement XD because I got the money by doing some advert, which was great and working from home, which was not so great because I'm a lazy pig. Thank God, seriously anyway for giving me the endurance. This is also the year that I'm so blessed with so many things be it small or big from sites online. Nuffnang had gave me so far, 5 movie invites premier or special screening, a chance to participate in My Water Moments with Sony TX5 event (link). I must say the Nuffnang community have improved a lot and their team are a bunch of friendly people I guess..

Won a couple CDs from Sony Music Malaysia (link). As much as I really love Sony Music Malaysia for their updates and free goodies, I must say that I'm badly disturbed by an event whereby they deleted my sister's comment without explaining. Don't want to elaborate more..

Anyway, I also won the grand prize of Hurts Presentation Box from Juiceonline (link) and even got to watch the Peter Pan Musical for free, happening now at Sunway thanks to AllMalaysian Blogger. Won a David Archulete CD from 7-Eleven. Really, never won so many things in my life hahaha. :)

Had many fun times with YPFers also, the two latest happening events - Brothers' Night (link) and Sisters' Night, I bet every YPFer had fun being pirates or princesses. Movie screening in February was the mark of the beginning of the year I guess, following up are the many activities we held throughout the whole year, had fun working together with the other leaders, had our share of good times and stressing time :P

This is also the year, my grandmother and my aunt had shifted out, 14/11/10 is a date to be remembered. For almost five years ago, they said with their own mouth they wanted to shift, and finally after much waiting, pushing and ugly scenes, they've finally did it. Of course, along the way of shifting those stuffs, they took away many things theirs or not, as long as they like it. But whatever, because we're just too happy that they left. Free from them, a smell of fresh air and freedom from curses they always lashed out at us. You wouldn't know how much verbal abuse we suffer you know? So don't make your judgment if you ain't know nothing.

2010, I've lost my uncle, way too sudden. Way too sudden. But reality hits hard at us. I know it's even harder especially for my mum. But I guess we learn not to take our family members for granted..

This is also the last year in high school. Form 5, suddenly I feel so old, and scared at the thought that hey, I'm gonna go college soon. Can I cope? What it will be like? Right, so lame. Hahaha. But I'd definitely miss my friends, miss the moments of crapping and bombarding lame stuffs, wasting time behind the classroom chatting about nonsense. Definitely will miss all my friends.

Talking about school, I've been to two schools in secondary. First, I spent about like 2 months, in Cochrane and then I shifted out to Mutiara for morning session. Then, back to Cochrane again in form 3. Lifeless? Kinda. Wahaha. In Mutiara, I was in 1E, which was probably one of the most excellent class ever I've been into. I remembered being very scared because at that time, I'm sure everyone have already found their friend and I'm like a new noob kid. Yuck XD. And thankfully, I was in the same class with Beatrix, such a relief. 2006, the year I came to know Hui Xian and grew very closely to be her friend at that point of time. Something dramatic happened after I return from Korea that year, in school. LOL. I remember myself crying for that incident. Okay, it was actually a spot check and the teacher rampas /strong word. my Pokeman cards (hahahaha! DONT laugh =x) and also my souvenirs for my friends from Korea. And, I grew to hate secondary school by the end of the year D: Oh yea, I got 4th in class by end of the year? Lol. I think so.

Form 2. I was in 2E. Havoc, and I began to hate secondary school more because of fussy rules. And lame teachers who says this and that. I grew to be a coward also because I was very afraid of teachers -_-' I remember those art lessons lols. I did every single one of them. :x I'm so guai :D Results were kinda bad throughout the year, but I managed to get a pretty good result at the end of the year. :D Form 2 was an emo year, well growing up mah, gone through some emo times, when I had a lot of self pity and sooo self absorbed. Thinking back, I feel so immature and .. eww. XD

Form 3. I happily transfered out of Mutiara to Cochrane. And this was the only year I enjoyed the freedom from rules in high school. I sadly said goodbye to my friends in Mutiara, especially Hui Xian.. of course, I hated being the new noob kid in Cochrane as everyone already have their own friends and what not. And thankfully, I went to the same class as Hoong Fong. Phew. Then, I came to know Joe korkor and Aki. And yea, we were really close in form 3. Then, Esther a new girl to the school also sat beside me. I remember that Joe korkor would always come to the back place where I sat and he would sing songs while I sleep. -.-' Hahah, yea I used to be a very very very quiet and anti social girl (perhaps still is now) and "emo girl" and everyone would think I'm some kind of weirdo I guess. I still remember, in the first test, I failed a subject for the first time in my life -__-' SCIENCE. I should have known I'm not a science person.. Lol. Anyway, PMR year!

Form 4, we went separate classes. I took up full science subjects - biology, chemistry and physics. Hoong Fong and Aki took up accounts and Joe korkor was in my next door class. So, I pretty suck at most of the subs I took. Sucks man. And everything changed in form 4. I mean, I got to know Melissa, Belinda and Sarah and the rest was history. LOL. We literally caused havoc in class I think. -_-' Summore we're sitting right at the back of the class.. so you know what I mean..And I was scared of Tse Ling then, she always with Jun Huei one that time XD. And she like so fierce lalala~

2010, It was a great year in class, made new friendships with classmates whom I've never talked with last year. Created many more inside jokes with Melissa, Belinda, Sarah and Tse Ling. Blue cars, black shiny cars, lcly, andrew, and the list goes on. And I do miss those times when we crap randomly with Kwok Hoong or Jih Dar or the rest of the people available. Miss bullying people around. Hahaha, great times really.

And unfortunately, I'm chosen to take part in NS at NS. As in National Service at Negeri Sembilan. XD Lols, haih. Also, I've finished my SPM already. Wow wee. My whole secondary life gone. Time past quickly, really. As if I just knew Hui Xian in Form 1 yesterday :)

This is also the year, I guess a few teachers had labelled me as a rebellion and also stubborn student. Because of what I said, how I reacted to my add maths teacher beginning of this year because she accused me of cheating in exam.. and the marks was crap, not like I scored a 90+. She really hurt my dignity. Lol. Incident still fresh in my mind. Yea, I had forgiven her, because she apologized to me. But I'll never forget. And also in my trial exam, I wrote an essay about changes in school. The changes I want to see in school. And my english teacher showed my essay to my class teacher about it. I don't know why she have to do that. I don't think she's impressed but rather in a way telling my teacher that hey, look what your student said about you and school. Right, I'm over with teachers, I just hope the MOE buck up and please, change the school systems. Don't let the discipline teachers be dictators. Not forgetting, they always openly curse students in public (assembly). No one likes it, not me, not my friends, not even the Malay students or any other students of any race.

And, this year I've struggled with myself emotionally too. Too many questions unanswered, too many compromising. I can't believe it myself.. And also I have silly arguments with friends, but friends do go through all these times, I realized. And I thank God that you're still my friend.

Personally, it had been a very emotional journey for me. Many things happened. I remember the movies we watched, remember the places we went, remember the special numbers on the calendar, remember what we ate. Almost everything. Almost. Thank you, a whole lot. It's been a bittersweet journey really, which is over.

I have written a lot in this whole page, it took me a few weeks to draft this.. and if this posts in any way have offended you, I'm sorry, sincerely. But this are my thoughts and this blog post is personal as I have labelled. :) And I have kept in mind about kebebasan bersuara as I wrote this post : Kebebasan berucap dan mengeluarkan fikiran dengan batasan tertentu bagi menjaga keselamatan dan ketenteraman. I don't think I have caused any kind of insecurity problems.

Anyway, I'm going to be back from Korea soon as you're reading this!

And I would like this post by thanking God for all the things He has done for me, that He is going to do for me and will do for me. Thank You =)

Finally, a very happy new year to all of you! :)



Going to Korea for a holiday.

Being ditched by five person in a week is not fun.

Really, sad :( and disappointed? :(

Whatever, gonna enjoy the snowww.

It's Christmas! Happy thoughts..

See ya guys soon.

Back from Malacca

Hi, I just came back from Malacca today :) I officially finished SPM last Thursday and I had a three-to-one time with my invigilators XD. Anyhows, I've left my blog not updated for 5 days already :( I won't be around again for some time now... However, I'm still drafting one post for sure.. and a very long one. I'm using unifi now and my comp can't be connected online until something is done :( Until then, I'm not sure if I can upload pictures but I'll try. Wait, even updating is a problem now because I'm having lack of time :( grrr.. We'll see how D:

Food : Bibimbap

Okay, actually my mum made fried rice with bacon, prawns and eggs. So right, I asked her to fry another egg for me, separately, then I added seaweeds on top to make the "bibimbap" more appealing. Wahaha. 

Yums, look appetizing? Bibimbap

And yes, I know it's not really bibimbap. Just wanna bajet saja, tak bagi ke? :P

YPF's Brothers' Night 2010 - Pirates Dress Up Party

So right, I didn't put in much effort in blogging about YPF's Sisters' Night the other time. But I shall do a nice post about Brothers' Night instead :)

The brothers themed Sisters' Night as Princesses and so this time the girls decided to have a Pirates Night for the guys instead.

So I was in the deco team, and was in church with my sisters and Shuan Pei from 9 something-ish. And we were already late =x. Ops, behind schedule. We started being productive by wrapping the pillars with brown mah jong paper, to give the "woody feel". Okay it wasn't so much of a "we". Shuan Pei did most of the work, I just helped. D: Kudos to her! She worked the whole day :)

So right, Hannah, Justine and Li Ling came later and we're really behind schedule because it's late already :x So we began the real work. Yeah decorating the whole place, and rushing. See the flags up there? It was handmade by Hannah. Very nice right? :)

Ruhwey and Li Ling were the ones putting up the hugeeee curtains, and ironically they weren't the tallest people around :P Anyway, all of us had an average height of say maybe 155cm?.. -_-; But anyhow, they managed to still put up the heavy and ma fan curtain with the help of a table and 2 mini chairs. What to do, not enough ladders.. Shhhh...

More decos are up for the next few hours, and at four o'clock we were still working on the decorations.. And it's already time for us to start panicking cause not everyone is complete yet and we need to finish everything quick...

One of the decos, to add in the pirate-ish feeling. :P Creating an ambiance is hard work and effort.. I now know how the guys felt that day =/

Treasure chests made from polystyrene and paints. xD Nowadays, those coin chocolates costs a lot. -.-' I wonder why... I thought it was those cheapskate chocolates? ._. Guess cocoa is very expensive nowadays.

From the "stage" view. Okay, most decos are up but at five, we're still not done yet. And this time we are really panicking.. but since we're here the whole day, we went back and wash up first =x and rushed back again to finish the decos.

At the very last minute, the decos were up when we came back and did the final touches. The black cloth were stuff behind the grills, how creative? :P Sorry to some guys who came on time, we made them wait downstairs because we weren't done with the decos then. D:

So right, cocktails as drinks for the night! Not really actually, it's ice cream soda + kickapoo joy juice xD. Tastes really appetizing. I know everytime Shuan Pei comes with her cup she'll say, more jellies please, Lester wants more! :P XD Many guys declined for the nata de coco, except Lester and a few more guys :P

So while waiting for the other guys to come, the early ones got free face paint from the girls. How entertaining? Please say yes XD..

Anxious boys. Before they could get their cutleries for dinner, they've have to pass the pirate language test..which most of the boys didn't pass =x But we were kind enough to spare them from the misery and all of them got their cutleries xD.

Dinner, main course! Food was definitely one of the highlights of the night. The guys were beaming from ear to ear when they see the food served and how delicious the food was. :P Looks good, tastes good.

And all these are much thanks to the girls behind in the kitchen, namely Tirzah, Poh Ling and Chin Wei. :) and the other girls who helped out as well :)

After the delicious main course, it was games time :D

Meanwhile, Wei-Li and Amy were preparing desserts for them. See, we were productive all day :P 

And the other girls were taking their opportunity to have some rest, and be judges :P

Desserts! :D

Door gifts for the guys.. eye patches. or as Wei-I would say : IPatches? 

Then, photography session.. and my favourite pictures for the night!  :

My favourite picture for the day :) See the contrast? Thank you Rachel for being my model XD. Super love this picture, I don't know why haha.

T'was a great day indeed! Except I got sick the very next day... oh well. Looking forward to the next one!

i-City, Shah Alam

So! I went to i-City on the 31st of October if not mistaken, I just have this "thing" for dates. XD. Went there with my family, it was very windy that day. i-City has been a "hot-spot" for the past few months, seeing/reading about people going there to visit. If you haven't heard of this place, it's actually just a place with many many trees with lights, which makes the place very colourful and nice to walk. Other than that, there's nothing much there really. I don't own any DSLR and Nikon really sucks at low light, so just pardon me for the terrible pictures :P

I was playing with Nikon's super macro. Does the second second picture pass as a bokeh picture? ._." Bokeh sounds so..funny,by the way. I didn't know what's bokeh, until Wesley told me about it. Photography term hmm?  

These lanterns reminds me of Chinese New Year somehow =/ Nice lightings? ._.

Lol, can you see Ruhwey's "peace" camouflage with the tree? -_-' Anyway, nice place for photographers for sure, and family outings. But there's nothing much to do there except walk around and take pictures. The government could do something more to improve this place like having more stores perhaps and souvenirs shops etc. :) 

By the way, I'm not in the pictures because I'd prefer to take photos than be in photos :P

Food : Shangri-La Hotel Buffet

I went to Shangri-La Hotel last month on the 1st of November, in conjunction of my dad's birthday which was a week later. Actually, we already booked the place way earlier in June (beat that. Lol) because there was a special discount. We actually wanted to go there for my birthday, but since there was no place then, and the next immediate slots available was November..so...

Anyway! There's nothing much to say here xD because it's just food not like I stayed there or anything. However, I must say the food was good at so was the price offered :P There was a good discount for a good deal :D

Oh yes, I think the workers there are also very efficient, you know some places when there's no more food available, they take ages to refill. Here's, they're really quick to refill, they know a hungry man is a angry man i guess.

Oh yea, I think because there was a special discount so many people booked and brought their families together. There was so many old folks when I went there. :x And they were all 'snatching' to eat the cod fish.

Woo, lookie there. Cod fish! One of the most expensive fishes in the wet market XD. One small fillet like that would cost you approximate RM30? I think so. Anyway, the cod fish was really good. No wonder all the old folks were lining up and grabbing it as soon it was refilled. I tell you, within 2 minutes after the cod fish is refilled, you gotta wait for the next round. Shangri-La generously supplied many cod fish until they ran out and replaced with another fish, I don't know what. Was too full then. :x

Sushi ~~~~~~~~~~. My favourite. Enough said :x

Dessert. :) 

Was awesome! Awesome awesome awesome! The blueberry cheesecake was the best ever cake I've ever eaten. Beats every other chocolate/cheesecake ever! :) Very sinful also xD

That's about it :P

P/s : Please don't mistaken Ruhwey for me in the pictures :)

More updates soon!