I went to Shangri-La Hotel last month on the 1st of November, in conjunction of my dad's birthday which was a week later. Actually, we already booked the place way earlier in June (beat that. Lol) because there was a special discount. We actually wanted to go there for my birthday, but since there was no place then, and the next immediate slots available was November..so...

Anyway! There's nothing much to say here xD because it's just food not like I stayed there or anything. However, I must say the food was good at so was the price offered :P There was a good discount for a good deal :D

Oh yes, I think the workers there are also very efficient, you know some places when there's no more food available, they take ages to refill. Here's, they're really quick to refill, they know a hungry man is a angry man i guess.

Oh yea, I think because there was a special discount so many people booked and brought their families together. There was so many old folks when I went there. :x And they were all 'snatching' to eat the cod fish.

Woo, lookie there. Cod fish! One of the most expensive fishes in the wet market XD. One small fillet like that would cost you approximate RM30? I think so. Anyway, the cod fish was really good. No wonder all the old folks were lining up and grabbing it as soon it was refilled. I tell you, within 2 minutes after the cod fish is refilled, you gotta wait for the next round. Shangri-La generously supplied many cod fish until they ran out and replaced with another fish, I don't know what. Was too full then. :x

Sushi ~~~~~~~~~~. My favourite. Enough said :x

Dessert. :) 

Was awesome! Awesome awesome awesome! The blueberry cheesecake was the best ever cake I've ever eaten. Beats every other chocolate/cheesecake ever! :) Very sinful also xD

That's about it :P

P/s : Please don't mistaken Ruhwey for me in the pictures :)

More updates soon!