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Malaysia is OUR home

I'm not a very patriotic person, but I do know that Malaysia is my home. And I cannot stand when having certain conversations with certain people about the JPA scholarship. It's like they're telling me if they got the JPA scholarship they will not come back to work for the government. Muka tebal, use all the other Malaysian's taxpayers' money and flee. Fugitive! D:  I don't know how can a person have a heart and to do so. Don't he have a conscience?!

I know, "Malaysia don't have any future/More working opportunities there/Grass greener on the other side" etc etc. Oh come on, Malaysia don't have any future because YOU are going to leave and stay abroad and heck, no pros are left to serve this country. And perhaps one day you settle down there, have a family then you come back to Malaysia to give birth for the sake of citizenship for your child. Seriously, why bother to be a Malaysian? ._." I don't understand. Would someone explain …

Big Apple Berjaya

Went to B!g Apple at Berjaya Times Square to celebrate Father's Day last Sunday. No, not the Big Apples Doughnuts ._." It's B!G Apple Restaurant, buffet :)

Well, the place was fully booked ._." So we got to sit at the lounge. At the lounge this is the view that you get by the side of the window :

Pudu Jail and the historic wall! How funny, just like the next days gone already. Sad, but how nice to take the last glimpse and a picture of it. Oh well, byebye Pudu Jail.

About the food, I rate it just 5/10. I don't really like it. Even the salmon is not really very nice, although it really looks very appetizing ._." But the taste is just different. Mash potato was nice though. And the choice of food is very very little, for a buffet at least. But like I always say : You pay for what you eat.

The char siew, is chicken. How can char siew be chicken? :( But then nice also la. I mean, okay. Not outstanding-fantastic but nice la.

Me lurve this picha!

My mum's waffle is …

A change

Changed layout. Hurhurhur so colourful, I rike.
But then, no time to manage yet, so laters la when I'm free. Wooohoo

x_x Holidays please.

Well, deadlines are pushing me very hard. :(
Midterm results are mostly out. Verdict is I'm so happy with my language subjects :D It's the only subjects I can score anyway -________-; Uh, other than that 2 papers of disappointment. And I passed my chemistry, amazingly o_o" But addmaths, I failed again uh oh... -_-;;
Time to buck up T_T. I'm counting the days left. D:

And, did I mentioned I cut my hair? XD. And I kena tangkap today. Because I didn't pin up my fringe x_x. But it's short enoughhhh =( Lectured by the teacher also also o_o and the teacher was asking me if I got anything tak puas hati or want to complain -__-; several times. "Ruxyn..blablablabla.." "Ruxyn...blablablabla"  repeats 3-4 times -_-; Anyways, so, who has been spreading that I'm a rebellious student now huh? Own up. Pfft. But whatever, I say what I need to. Lalala.

I'm a fighter! *punch*

Lol, just a old random very old random very very old and very random picture…

My dooodolls family :)

Look at my dooodolls family !!!

Hearts, hearts, hearts!

Sony Music Malaysia

Note: Finally, my job is finished! *jumps and scream around like a mad rabbit again*
Probably for the few times in my life, I'm proud and so happy to be a Malaysian! Because because Sony Music Malaysia is being so generoussss..they're up to giving out something for free! I'l tell you what in a minute :)
HAHAHAA. No, I was just kidding okay. I'm not just happy to be a Malaysian because I'm getting something for free. Ahem. I'm very patriotic. *sings Negaraku, waves Jalur Gemilang* I know the recognize national anthem and flag okayyyy.
Speaking about recognizing national anthem, I believe most of us can recognize soooooooooo many songs being played over the radio/tv. Needless to mention which song but surely most of us do hum/sing along when our favourite song is being played.

So anyway what's your favourite recording artists yeah? Could it be Avril, MJ, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, 2PM, Jay Chou or anyone of them hereeeeee? Yea, click on the link you…

I'm mad

I'm working like a mad cow -_-;

or rather, a mad rabbit =3

And thanks Nuffnang ! :D


pretty? o_o? ~ more wallpapers @

My Water Moments

I'm your biggest fan I'll follow until you love me But we're not papa-paparazzi!
I'm sure we're no paparazzi but we all have at least a handy camera to serve us quite well under normal circumstances. ;)

If you've been browsing through blogs, you'd notice this advert on Nuffnangers' blogs:
* This advert on Sony TX5 keep popping up on many Nuffnangers' blogs and I'm sure you noticed and clicked on the advert out of curiousity. Well, at least I did o_o"

I found out that this Sony TX5 have many uber cool features, making the camera so stylo milo and I bet everyone wants to get their hands on this sexay camera.
One of the main highlights of this sexay camera is that it's water-proof. I mean, heck I never had a camera that's water-proof, this is super cool T_T
Well, it's very handy to have a water-proof camera because I have crazy aquatic friends (they have a certain kind of love for…
First of all, it's holidays for me already. Two days earlier =)
And I can't wait to go to Malacca ! I love Malacca :D

And remember to keep my family in your prayers. Thanks.