Note: Finally, my job is finished! *jumps and scream around like a mad rabbit again*

Probably for the few times in my life, I'm proud and so happy to be a Malaysian! Because because Sony Music Malaysia is being so generoussss..they're up to giving out something for free! I'l tell you what in a minute :)

HAHAHAA. No, I was just kidding okay. I'm not just happy to be a Malaysian because I'm getting something for free. Ahem. I'm very patriotic. *sings Negaraku, waves Jalur Gemilang*
I know the recognize national anthem and flag okayyyy.

Speaking about recognizing national anthem, I believe most of us can recognize soooooooooo many songs being played over the radio/tv. Needless to mention which song but surely most of us do hum/sing along when our favourite song is being played.

So anyway what's your favourite recording artists yeah? Could it be Avril, MJ, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, 2PM, Jay Chou or anyone of them hereeeeee? Yea, click on the link you'll find a whole lot of famous famous famous and even legends of superstars in the Sony Music artists. I'm amazed myself when I saw it ._." Yo, even our own Malaysian recording artists are in the list. *cries because I'm so proud of them*

Okay that aside, I've just joined Sony Music Malaysia FB fanpage, here yesterday. Oh yes, MALAYSIA my dear friends not US or what XD I didn't know anything about  cause I'm not a very up-to-date. -_-; Sadly. So yeah, I was very very shocked to see how efficient the fanpage was manage, and the page is very organized. Malaysia Boleh! :D

You better click on the link up there in case you say I bluff you =(. What? Don't tell me you don't have a facebook account okay, don't bluff me!

Now, from that page itself, I got to know what's new and what's up, the latest happenings this and that, events and so on and so on and so on. Hahaha. After hopping around some of the fans' blogs, I also found out that Sony Music Malaysia had given many other goodies before this. And I've already missed out so much! =( Anyway, they're so generous! Awesomeness. Oh yeah, you can head over to their website or follow them on twitter too. But I'm not an avid twitter user heh, too 'chiong hei' for 140 characters limit =x.

Now, so what is Sony Music Malaysia giving out for free? You may have guessed it already if you've hop over to the fanpage just now...2 CDs of my choice. For free. For free. For free?! I'm serious! For free :D Awesomeness again T_T I can't believe there's so many nice people out there. 

Sony Music Malaysia is giving out 2 CDs for free!!! Yippeeeeeeeee. I hope I'll get any of MJ's CD and a Adam Lambert one x_x Heh. 

Well, sharing is caring. I'm gonna share with you how to win your 2 favourite albums yourself! Just head over to Jamie's blog for details. Complete with details there. :) You won't ever get blur. It's very simple just read through the rules and reg. Don't be lazy okay! 

Hurry friends, get your own personal favourite albums today!  Today's the last =/

Too many links? Here's the repeat, for your convience :D