If you've always asked "How can I get voucher code in Lazada?" or "How do I get a Zalora Malaysia promotional code?" or "How do I get a Shopee voucher?" to get the maximum discounts, I may just have a trick to share with you. 

It requires some work but I think it might just be worth the effort to get some additional discounts. Usually no promo code is needed to get free delivery on Zalora but you'd have to spend a certain amount and be based in certain selected regions. 

Between Shopee and Lazada, Shopee is more generous in offering free delivery and usually at a very low minimum spend. Free shipping vouchers on Shopee are credited automatically into your account and you can claim additional free shipping vouchers from the platform. 

But there's a way that you can get more than just free shipping vouchers on Zalora, Shopee or Lazada. If you're an avid consumer of these platforms, you probably already know that they often give out promo codes or vouchers, it's just that you have to be quite resourceful and smart about it.  

Here's how you can promo codes whether it's for Zalora, Shopee, Lazada, and possibly any other merchants or local SMEs using Facebook or Instagram to advertise.

The trick? Use Facebook Ad Library

Here's a tip. If you're using AdBlock or any kind of extensions that disable ads, you should disable it when using Facebook Ad Library otherwise this may not work properly. 

how to get zalora promo code 2021 using facebook ad library

Here's an example of what I see when I searched for Zalora Malaysia. As seen in the screenshot above, the Zalora promo codes are '35JOLLY' and 'CASHBACK30'. Of course there are more as you scroll down the search results. Basically, with Facebook Ad Library you can see a list of ads that ran recently associated with a Facebook Page or Instagram account and you can grab the code and use it before you check out. 

If you have troubles getting results, remember to check if your filter is set to All/Malaysia under 'Country' and make sure you select 'All Ads' instead of just 'Issues, Elections or Politics' .

This could work with all the different e-commerce that you're familiar with, from food delivery services such as GrabFood, Foodpanda, AirAsia Food to online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee and Zalora. 

Here's an example of how I put it to use for AirAsia Food promo code:

how to get airasia food promo code using facebook ad library

Here's another example when I searched for Foodpanda Malaysia's Facebook page:

I actually don't hate ads but sometimes I find them to be interesting and useful when it's relevant and lets me discover new things and brands. Not so great though, if you easily succumb into buying (especially when buying something that you don't need).  The idea of using the Facebook Ad Library as a database to search came about after I saw an ad by this local SME that offered a promo code for first-time purchase on their website. I was shown the ad after I visited the website for the first time just a few minutes before. After so long, it finally dawned on me, that as a consumer, I can intentionally search for ads using this platform and see what are the promos that a particular business is offering.

If you've dabbled into or already doing something related to digital marketing, you'll probably be familiar with the terms like re-marketing. It's rather common for businesses to use re-marketing to show you these ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or websites within the Google Display Network ecosystem. And you may or may not see the ads depending on how these ads are being set up. Not going to dive into the technicalities of it, but basically these are real ads that are being served to the targeted audience... and instead of waiting for the ads to be shown to you, you can intentionally look for them instead. 

I've been putting this trick into use myself in the last 2-3 weeks and it's really useful so far and I've saved and gotten some cashback here and there. 

Got more tips to share? Let me know in the comments below.