I got my first handphone when I was in Form 3. It was a Sony Ericson W810, which was a decent model then. My next phone then was a fake China-made "iPhone". It was some sort of cloned iPhone that was poorly made. 

More than 10 years ago, when smartphones started becoming a thing, I had no clue what an iPhone was. I did not comprehend that the Apple brand, was one 'atas' brand that commands premium pricing for its products. That is still true today. 

To think back, this fake iPhone - the OS was so bad and everything was quite poor including the camera. I think some subpar smartphone at a cheaper range would have better performance. Heck, the pixel on the phone also died after one year plus and the screen was rendered useless. So, it was money wasted really. I vague remember that my mum and I had visited some fair (like a tech fair) and the promoters were promoting it, and then my mum bought it for me because I wanted it. I wasn't even earning any money and I had dare ask for something like that?! 

How foolish was I.

In retrospect, I would never spend that kind of money again. Hindsight is great isn't it?

Well, but I never learn until I was about to finish college. When I was 18, I was entering a lot of contests and at one point, I actually won a Samsung Galaxy S2. For those who remembered, the Samsung Galaxy S2 was a flagship phone then and at its launch, the phone was retailing at RM2,099. I decided to keep and use but it didn't last long before it died on me (perhaps I'm a terrible user lol). The me now, knowing my needs and wants, would've sold the phone and get a mid-range option instead. It's just my choice because I never really need to use all the features. 

I've owned more a couple of phones in the last decade since the purchase of the fake iPhone. For each phone that I owned, I manage to sell them away every time instead of keeping them whenever I decided to change.

Earning and being responsible for my own money means I'm more cautious with the way I spend my money. And with that said, my experience with the fake iPhone taught me a couple of things:
  • Be cautious about what people say, especially when they're trying to sell you something.
  • Research, research, research. I make it a point to understand what I'm getting before making a purchase. That may mean I'll take a longer time to make up my mind sometimes, but I believe it's for the best. 
  • Know what's good for myself. There'll be a lot of noise about what's trending, what's great about this and that but I need to evaluate and prioritise.
  • It's possible to get good things at a good price. Now, the fake iPhone was a bad buy. However, the beautiful thing about the world we live in today is that there are plenty of options at our fingertips. There's definitely something that I want or need at the right price.
  • Don't be lazy. Sometimes, it takes effort and time to find that thing that you need without overpaying (see previous point).
  • Ukur baju di badan sendiri. Yes, that means buying something within my own means. Don't ever get into debt just to buy things I cannot afford.