Update (13 March 2021): Since writing this post a few years ago, Papasan Canteen in Kuchai Lama remains to be a popular spot and have survived at least 2 MCOs (movement control order). They are pretty strict when it comes to dining-in, but if you would like to have their food, they are also offering delivery services and takeaway options. Do check their Facebook page for updates on their opening hours. 

I was searching for a good cafe to eat earlier this year when I saw Papasan Canteen in Kuchai Lama being featured on some of the most popular blogs in Malaysia. I was sceptical, because these bloggers tend to say "this nice, that also nice" - or basically everything also nice. But, at the same time, I was won over by the photos and the prices of food!  

It's one of those eateries that offer good value for money dishes at reasonable prices. Food selection is also wide enough to cater to bigger groups. Among their signatures are the Omu Curry Rice (with very huge, juicy fried chicken), Bili-Bara-Don, Soft-Shell Crab Salad, Kalai-Kalai Udon and much more. 

I had always thought it was Papa-san Canteen. As in papa-'san', the Japanese honorific title. But I'm guessing the name Papasan is actually wordplay of the numbers '883' in Chinese. Either way, I thought it was interesting to know. 

At the time of writing, I've been here more than a couple of times. Here are some photos of the food from the multiple visits: 

The service here is excellent. During my first visit, it was a full house and they were a bit kelam-kabut but they were very apologetic that they couldn't serve us better, and their mannerism was 100% professional.

Their menu has quickly expanded since the first visit as well. So you can say they're still keeping up their game.

I discovered a very good friend of mine really liked this place too.

Basically, it's a good place to makan with family and friends cause there's a lot of things to try, at a very reasonable price. They are also pretty strict about dining times - they'll only allow you to be seated once everyone from your group has arrived, just something to take note of. Nearby parking spaces are pretty limited, so you might want to be early to beat the crowd.