It's that time of the year again for "reflection post", duh. Sometimes, I just want to shut down this space because I don't fill it up as often anymore. Not even food posts. I think this year's entries have been at an all-time low with less than 10 posts.

10 years. It's been 10 years and more since I started writing in the virtual space. Thankfully, I wasn't that lazy to update for the "10 years" post.

Many important life events took place this year. A wedding in a family, among others. Everything went on smoothly, and frankly, in a blink of an eye. Great to have photos to remind me about things that happened that day. Heh.

Most recently, I got this once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to Switzerland (work trip). I cannot even begin to describe the immense gratitude I have that I was given this privilege.

I have never thought or ever dared dreamed of going places. While the people around me travel from one place to another, fulfilling their "wanderlust"... I am a potato who's super kedekut. I'm always counting how much I need for the things I want without breaking the bank. Then, suddenly, there's this opportunity to travel and all expenses are covered?! I'm speechless till today. I'm terribly humbled.

Maybe I'll blog about it one day, but there are already two articles about some of the things I learnt about the beautiful country while I was there. And if you wanna know more, message me. I'll tell you all about it. :)

In hindsight, I wish I bought more things. All I bought was chocolates. Even then, there's not enough. I'm sorry, friends and family. :/ I was too worried lugging around the bags alone while travelling on the trains. I shouldn't be such a chicken.

There were some scares this year too. Break-ins, family member getting hospitalised, and such. But thank God, through it all, He was and is good.

This year I am also extremely thankful for all the level-headed people around me who remind me that I don't get too emotional about things. I'm thankful for friends who trust in me, and for having my back.

2017 was great. Looking forward to 2018. 'Quarter life age', here I come. Lol.