I actually went to Sushiya sometime back in December and I've finally decided to sit and write something about it - two months later.

Forgive me. But since this is still a fairly new place I decided to blog about it although I didn't intend to in the first place. That is why you'll find very few photos in this post, which is a real shame for a food entry.

If that bowl above looks familiar, it's because Sushiya is the sister branch of the highly rated Ichiro Sushi Bar at Isetan 1Utama. Sushiya opened its doors not too long ago and when I was there it was fairly empty. There should be more people now since many would prefer to come here instead of queuing at Ichiro.

The first thing that stood out was of course the space! If you've been to Ichiro, the place is awfully narrow and small. Actually, the tables here are quite small too, and we did struggle a little bit to arrange the food we ordered so that there's enough space for everyone.

But this place is huge, and I think they take in reservations, unlike Ichiro.

For value, it's better to go during lunch as it's way cheaper for sets. Jap food lovers love Ichiro for its reasonable price (it may be on the high side for some though) and it's the same here - they're under the same company after all.

Menu is slightly limited if compared to Ichiro but otherwise, if you're not too picky, this is definitely the place to go if you're craving for fresh sushi and sashimi. Quality assured.

Would definitely go there again!