2016. The year many people loathe. Let's not talk about all the sad stuff that happened this year (I choose not to this time around) but let's focus on happy things :D

It dawned on me that this blog is turning 10 years old in June next year, and my, this blog is still one of the things I take pride in although I know I have not been consistent in blogging anymore for the last few years.

As I'm typing this down, I'm slightly down with fever (and that kinda sucks since I've been healthy most of the year) but let me just try to pen down some thoughts I have planned for this blogpost since... October (yes, I actually created a draft almost two months ago).

In no particular order:

This year, I attended my first concert! I've been to several other concerts but none by an international band. Simple Plan. Nostalgic. I'm not the biggest SP fan but I have repeated their songs enough during high school to know most of the lyrics. lol.

I paid RM900 to attend my own convocation. Waste. of. money. Not really. Okay fine. I was so mad that the uni raised the price to such expensive rates that I actually went around asking for the rates of other unis. Guess what? None of them paid higher than RM900 of course. I'm still angry at the thought of it but I'll just take it that I'm donating to the uni. I still had a great time with my family, friends and uni friends that day.

Oh yes, allow me to brag, please. First class honours. :p

This year, I travelled to Japan. I thank God for the most amazing experience throughout the whole tour. The group of people I travelled with was all good and nice generally. What's even better was the whole trip was kind of a miracle - great weather overall (there was rain here and there but can't complain). No crazy crowd at Tokyo Disneyland (see picture below for proof) - which was a miracle! Even Shibuya was empty by normal standards. Yaass. It was great. It has been one of my dreams to travel to Japan and I'm glad I'm blessed with this opportunity.

This year, I also bought my first full-frame camera. And it's a Sony! I have to admit though, I've became lazier after buying this camera because I'm always on Auto mode. Hey, it does the job for me. #dontjudge

I went to watch my first show at KLPAC! (Got photos but don't want to put it in here :p)

I also went to my first watercolour class. It was fun and stressful because #noob.

I also went to watch a movie at GSC Signature for the first time ever.

Took Uber first time this year too.

There are probably many other events this year that I've forgotten to include in this blogpost here but I have photos in my harddisk to remind me of the things that have happened this year.

Thank you, my family and all my friends for making 2016 a good year. I've made many new friends, reconnected with some old ones and stayed close to all my closest friends.

As usual, I don't have any resolution but every year, my main intention in everything that I'm committed to doing is to dig deeper and be better.

Have a good NYE celebration everyone!