I recently got myself a new pair of headphones because the Sennheiser PX100-II died on me (again!) just when the warranty finished. The first time was back in 2013 you can read about it (here). No audio coming out from the right can this time. Very, very sad as usual because I really like it a lot and I use it everyday. Oh well. 

Coincidentally, Jaben Malaysia was having a warehouse sale that time and I decided to go to have a look with HF. Most of the items were out of my budget la but it was really cheap than the original price. I was really tempted to get a pair of Grado headphones. But then finally I settled for something within my budget and was what I was looking for.

First, I'd prefer on-ear headphones. Secondly, it has to be portable. Wireless will be great but one-sided cable is cool too. So Beyerdynamic's DTX 501 p definitely fulfilled the criteria that I was looking for. Here's it straight out of the box:

Comes with a great hard case too. Not bad at all.

I use headphones with my phone most of the time. 

Quick verdict after using for about 2-3 weeks. DTX 501 p is very comfortable and the headband looks really sturdy. It's not as portable as the PX100-II but not too bad until it occupies a lot of space. The case that comes with it is awesome - hardcase yo. For the sound quality, I'd still prefer the PX100-II but then the PX100-II still inferior to my first ever headphones - the Jays v-Jays. Everything just sounds nicer on v-Jays. 

One thing I'm a little concerned. The paint job on the cans seems really poor. The "beyerdynamic" paint is coming off on both the cans. Sad. Oh well, I hope it doesn't come off anymore. And I hope this pair of headphones for last for a long while! :1