This post is long overdue but anyway just sharing. :) Usually, the place my family goes to Awet Thai in Cheras for Thai food but we went to Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ in Ampang for a change.

As usual, we wanted to beat the crowd so we went there rather early. A popular place indeed, the place was already half-occupied when we arrived at about 5.45pm or so.

Boss took our order it the food took some time to come.

This is the famous fried "yao za guai" (cakoi) served with kaya. It's like almost every other table ordered this for appetisers.

This sauce was pretty good. The fragrant from the peanuts went well with the sauce.

The cockles aka "si ham" was good. Clean - no mud or sand.

Thai fried rice. Coz this post was so long overdue, I forgot if this portion was for 2 pax or 3 pax but it was definitely too much for my family. We're not really fans of rice.

Seafood tom yam. Obviously a must-order when you are at the Thai restaurant, right? Pretty good stuff with a rather generous amount of seafood inside. Tasty.

Your typical "kai-lan" also known as Chinese broccoli (ya, I googled that :P)


Grilled squid.

BBQ stingray. 

Like I mentioned, come to this place to beat the crowd otherwise you would have to wait for others to finish to get a table. It's also a little hot here although the restaurant did put effort into installing many huge fans around the restaurant. Expect stray cats to be around where you eat. The seafood was fresh and the price for dishes was reasonable.

Food: 6.5/10
Service: 5/10
Value: 6/10
Atmosphere: 5/10