Recently went to Epicuro at Damansara Utama to have a 3-in-1 birthday celebration lunch. I know too many friends whose birthday falls on December.

Free candies on our table, all prepped for Christmas season!

Fish & chips. Everyone was practically going crazy about how good the fries was, instead of paying attention to the fish. The fries were so likable  that some of us ordered a bowl of fries after that lol.

My spaghetti carbonara, which was rather disappointing considering that it looked so good for food presentation. It was the salty kind of carbonara, not my favourite kind - I love my carbonara fragrant and tasty with cheesy cheese

Pork Chop. Good!

Grilled prawns with linguine and roasted nori (seaweed) which tasted like... carbonara served with prawns instead of ham or bacon. Prawns look good and taste good.

Lotsa, lotsa bacon. And eggs with bread.

Chicken sandwich. Surprisingly good. 

Most of us didn't order any drinks because y'know, drinks ain't cheap and the meal would have cost at least RM30+++ with drinks. So thankful for free water given, phew.

The food here is not really my favourite. I guess it's just a matter of preference because the place was packed when we went there (Sunday lunch time) and a lot of people actually said they love the food here.