1. This year, I received my first ever invitation to attend media launches and food reviews. Subsequently, I also had the opportunity to work with a few brands (like Adidas and Domino's) through PR agencies. 

2. If 2013 has been quite dry in terms of wins, this year was worse. I took the pedal off from joining any contests in the last 12 months. When I join, most of the time, I lose. Haha. Nevertheless, the biggest prize this year was winning the iPod Nano. I also won another phone (budget one this time); the 5th phone I have won in the last 3 years.

3. I was on the billboards! 

4. Saw Jonathan Rinzler, Marina Mahathir and Harith Iskandar in flesh!

5. I bought a new phone cause my S2 died on me.

6. I wrote a screenplay, and I hope to make it into a short film in the coming year ;D

7. Went to Langkawi with the awesome bunch.

8. Refocusing on my Coca-Cola collection. Removed clutter from my Coca-Cola display and I hope to focus more on aluminium bottles.

9. I'm crazy. I just bought a camera last year and beginning this year I've switched and jumped over to the mirrorless system. And the latest, I bought a lens yesterday. Just don't ask how much I spent ok?

10. I started and finished my 6-month internship and made new friends through this internship. Ups and downs but I have definitely learnt a lot, gain some experience and probably level up.

11. I turned 21 this year! And immediately went to register as voter on my birthday. But until today, the status is still "dalam process". Urgh.

12. Volunteered for Health Check Up Carnival.

13. Almost done with my degree - one more semester left! I also maintained my CGPA and got myself scholarship for Year 3. :D

14. Yeap, I went to Bangkok again. For the third consecutive year. Hurhur.