Remember I did a quick review on some cases/covers I got for my Moto G here? Well, most of them have their own pros and cons, and I kept searching for a better one. I was using the generic TPU case most of the time but I was getting more and more annoyed that bubbles kept forming at pressure points. I was tempted to get the original Moto G Shell Grip but it's too costly.

So, I got this generic hybrid TPU bumper from Lelong at RM12 (excluding postage) instead. It's available in six colours. Contemplated on what colour to get and at last I chose yellow. Now my phone looks like bumblebee or something.

As you can see from the pictures, almost all have accurate cuts except the microphone on the top of the phone. But not too bad.

The verdict? I'm loving it so far! The buttons are easy to press and I like the feel of the phone in my hands now. Also loving that I can feel the back of the original Moto G shell, which feels good. :D Wondering if I should dig out the lime Moto G shell that I have and see if it blends well with the yellow bumper case now :P