I know I'm a little crazy considering the number of camera bags I have lying around at home but... I just got myself a Herringbone Atlantis Small Black. Eh, this move was justified cause there was sale ok. D: And other reasons include: The other bags are either too small or too big for my usage :P 

If you've heard about Billingham camera bags - superb quality but also outrageously expensive - then you'd realized that Herringbone Atlantis bags kinda resembles Billingham's Hadley line up. And it's set at a more "reasonable" and "affordable" price - especially with the discount that I got :P

Comparison with the previously owned Herringbone Atlantis Medium Brown bag which I already sold. Quite a huge size difference, especially when I'm carrying it around.

The Atlantis small bag size is pretty good and I like it so far. I can fit all my photography gears in the bag plus my purse, my phone and even a powerbank. Plenty of space. Maybe I'll make another post on that to show you how it looks like.

Till then!