Reminiscing good times

Internship work has been rather intensive in the last week and now it's about meeting deadlines. I'm finally getting a taste of how life would be as an working adult. 9-5, crazy traffic hours and the need to travel to work (which takes about minimum 40 minutes without traffic congestion). 

It is however all good so far despite the hectic schedule and deadlines. Time really flies so quickly I didn't realise I've been spending the whole day in office just working things out. I would admit though that as much as I would love flexibility in my life, it is a reality that we won't bee getting much freedom to choose. 

Anyway, I hope to get most of my work done by this weekend and hopefully draft out a food post.. or I could blog about my recent trip to Langkawi *which it's still fresh*. We'll see.

Till then.