Is it me or do I see many psychology majors in my uni are planning to take a different path right after they finish their degree? Some that I've noticed include venturing into music, entrepreneurship, the Youtube trend (making videos) and photography. So it leaves me wondering, why do these bunch of students took up psychology in the first place?

Actually I've asked this question many times to friends and acquaintances that I've known. And most of the answers were, "I want to know myself better". I was really surprised because it was not something that I would have expected from people who are studying about human mental functions and behavior. You mean the main reason they have took up this course was because they wanted more information about themselves? 

After almost three years now, I guess they finally know themselves better (thanks to the course?) and also they finally know what they want because like I said, they are looking forward to a different future after degree. One thing that I observed from these individuals are the fact they are not interested in the course anymore, even going as far to say that they are beginning to "lose the passion" for psychology.

Their passion in different things besides psychology is obvious. Just take a look at the things they posted on Facebook. Like many people, they are looking to make a name for themselves. These are students who are actively involved in various activities in and out of university, seeking new opportunities. And then it leaves me thinking - aiya, they should have taken up communication and I wonder why they did not. Many things that these people are doing are very much related to communication and media. 

Anyway, just penning my thoughts here. My friends and I from the communication department are on the right path because what we plan to do after this is related to our degree. On a side note, I think communication students got to be prepared because if the psychology students are sticking to their plans, they will be out to steal our jobs :P