Hi everyone! We're into the best part of the World Cup right now - are you favourite teams in the last 16? :D We've also reached the end of the #adidasbloggercup. This is the final round of the campaign. 

To stand a chance to win this last round, just answer this final question found in the image below. Simply submit your answer in the form provided via the app found in this blogpost (scroll down, it's after the video). 

Again, the question is SUPER easy!

Hint to answer: 
1. The answer is about the man in the video.
2. Mi_ _ _l_v  K_ _ _e 

As usual, do remember to put "www.ruxyn.com" as the blog you are entering from!

adidas Blogger Cup (Question 8)


I'm still second. :) Thank you everyone for participating and I certainly hope you have fun in the last month! See you soon :D