Spoilers ahead!

Serious case of freaky Unsub who murder his victims with various ways like pressing to death, pushing off a cliff and burning. Not to forget the torture. 

I got fooled for a moment cause I thought the creepy stalker/pervert in the library was really suspicious. But then again, it's Criminal Minds you're talking about. You can't be sure. True enough, it was the librarian. Cheh.

Oh by the way, the interaction between Reid and Garcia in the beginning was hilarious. 

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It's a beautiful scene in the end. Everyone took the time to honor someone that departed in their lives. Garcia - her parents and her cat, Simba; JJ - her sister, Rosaline; Rossi - friend, Private Darryl Jensen; Blake - mother, who forced her to did crossword without erasing so she end up taking linguistics; Reid - love of his life, Maeve; Morgan - his dad; Hotch - Haley. 

Hotch did not say a word when placing Haley's picture yet I think fans would know how powerful is that notion. Notice that Hotch took out a photo of Haley from his wallet and placed it at the altar. Could this mean that he's finally leaving everything and move on for real, with his new love, Beth?