What's a Korean restaurant if it doesn't have good side dishes?

Pot of kimchi. Spam as much as you wish!

Hong Park Sa is famous for their Ginseng Chicken Soup (Samgyetang). Still tastes good.

Eat it the right way! - Lady boss came and helped us with the dish. You gotta 'break up' the chicken and allow the rice that was stuffed inside the chicken to be drowned with the tasty soup. 

Pumpkin, refilled a few times.

BBQ pork strips

We wanted to take the non-fatty pork but boss said we wouldn't like it cause it would be very hard (to chew) and asked us to have the fatty one instead. Ok, boss. We trust you.

Like most of the Korean restaurants, the boss and workers are all very polite and gives you good service. The place was quiet and since there weren't many people there, we got our food rather quickly. Food is good for the price, and there's a good variety of side dishes which you can refill as much as you want.

Gonna pay another visit there soon, since they had a deal on Groupon and mama bought it.

Eating Korean food always reminds me of the last trip to Korea during winter. I want holidays please.