Yesterday while my mum was shopping at Isetan, I went jalan-jalan and found myself at Borders, The Gardens. I wanted to see if I wanted to buy any books to spend my BB1M vouchers and I wanted to buy some magazines enter contest *kiasu* since I'm super free nowadays. Yet again, Borders disappointed me because hot, thescore and galaxie magazines were all outdated issues. The only place where I could find updated ones are stores. 

Anyway, I managed to grab a Cleo magazine because my sisters suka baca and it was a collector's edition. And it's May edition. It's almost a week earlier that the magazine is out. Only RM7.


What's inside the box - Cleo Magazine, a Sephora booklet, goodies like Lanvin perfume, Lactacyd sachets, free starbucks.

I find that the 4.5ml Lanvin EDP is the selling point. Of course for suckers like me, I loveeeee how things are packaged and wrapped nicely so that box was a selling point too. LOL. 

Harper's Bazaar Magazine's April issue had a similar collector's edition priced at RM15, they gave out more goodies of course, and there was a Lanvin perfume together too. 

I wonder what's the next magazine that Lanvin is going to collaborate with. Anyway, quick go grab a copy of Cleo's Collector's cause last night when I went, there were only 5 copies left :1